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09 2016
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I speak to you, but you did not hear me.
How to write, to speak, to draw?
That the letter that you write,
Me would be read, and we will be able to understand
the causes of our strange differences.
I think she's tired and unwilling to wait.

What is the reason for the lack of understanding between people? You know, in my opinion, this is not an idle question, which has nothing to do with medicine. The very notion of Medicine we associate mainly with white robes, pills, a kind of "hospital" smell in rooms, lame surgeons, endocrinologists obese and oculists sighted glasses. More, it turns in a district clinic, rude medregistratorshi and "trump" the therapist's questions " And what you want at your age? "And" Are you in the passport and looked in the mirror? ". And you are 45 or 55, although the mirror for a long time on this subject has their own opinion, and if we remember that it is his conviction has acquired after the first divorce, you inevitably begin to understand the degree of correctness of the saying "All diseases of the nerves" .

That's right, of course, and I with this statement fully agree, but would like to clarify it a bit. The concept of "nerves", which are referred to in this proverb is increasingly understood as irritability, inability to safely react to various unpleasant situations, or even the usual outbursts of every insignificant occasions. All this is certainly true, would just like to both synthesize and expand this concept to translate it from the field in the jokes of our knowledge, which gives practical benefit to the needy.

To make it clear that I mean it must be said that the abstract concept of "nerves" is used in the saying better to replace the word stress. A stress our body is any interference that exceeds the protective capacity of the body. So stress can be regarded as excessive mental and physical stress, a lot of trouble in the family, or at work, the courts, dangerous surgery, anesthesia, heavy labor, vodka poisoning, or paint for the repair, the death of a loved one, lack of sleep, poor love, heavy memories of the past and many other situations, from which the nervous system begins to "fail" in their work. However, the word "nerves" is in this case a different value. This term referred to the specific material, the anatomical structures that govern our bodies and misrepresented the number of them. Violations in their work lead to disease. To sum up express short, then you need to say so; " Stress caused by external factors lead to disturbances of the nervous system which are the result of disease ."

Please do not assume that having decided to write this article I set out to poumnichat, not at all. Now I will touch on some more practical issues, such that a connection between the physical effects on the nervous system in order to restore its normal state, which is a method RANC , and "nerves" of the sayings. Then I will introduce the letters of people who have written to me on several occasions by e-mail and their responses to these letters. In the fourth section, on the first page of the site, which is called " Questions and Answers " I have already touched on the subject of dialogue with my readers in an article entitled " Responses to letters " (from 11.01. 2013), but since then I have written a lot and I decided, that this topic needs to continue. I hope that after reading this correspondence you will like the answers to the existing questions and possible new ones, over which one might think. I do not think I will say something totally unexpected and very new, just some well-known to us the phenomenon that we are used due to their obvious we have not seen in everyday life. We do not notice and do not look at the sky, as long as it does not cause us trouble, we do not notice that we breathe, until you gonna get in a stuffy room or does not get sick from asthma, we can not see close until there is separation. We are very much not notice. Everyone knows this humorous saying about "All diseases of the nerves," and that this is indeed the case, and how to use it for their own well-being encoded knowledge we do not know because we do not notice the true meaning of these words. Rather than change their lifestyle or attitude towards it, we turn to the medicine, which unfortunately is not using the most effective methods in most cases, can not help us. For best results, an integrated approach. The first step you need to "erase" the central nervous system traces left by stress , which makes RANC method. Then try to find the cause of traumatic situation and fix it. This is the most difficult. There are people balanced, which once used to be suffered stress and then lived quietly continue to suffer from its effects. So people RANC method helps well and for a long time, for years, because the cause of the disease is eliminated them and their way of life involves frequent, new alarms. People by occupation, lifestyle or who are unable to protect themselves from trouble RANC method will also help, but they at least need to feel good often have to resort to it.

I once read that, according to research conducted by the conscious, creative action in our daily life are no more than 10-15% of the total number of actions we have committed. Not only do we subconsciously avoided situations requiring independent decisions, but also consciously seek them not to fall. As I wrote in a previous article, " RE-EVOLUTION ", due to the fact that the brain with active mental activity consumes about one-third of all the energy from the one who spends the body at this time. So, we can safely say that most of the life we live "on autopilot". If in doubt, I will cite a few examples familiar to all of life familiar to everyone. I think everyone gets into a situation, when the water was turned off in the apartment. Do you remember that going to the bathroom or the kitchen, we will automatically turn on the tap? If the water was not long, then stop to carry out these senseless acts needed overnight. Another example is driving a car. When we studied this, I think to stress how all you need to do right, and paid this much attention to the situation in the car, and even on the road for us was virtually nonexistent. Over time, driving skills moved to the unconscious region and now driving a car, we can afford to go to communicate with the passengers, drink water from a bottle and not even think of which way to go, because the brain is like a navigator leading us of navigating. Because of this, we can quietly making an unusual route to find yourself in the place in which we are driving normally usual route. For the same reason virtuoso taxi drivers manage to go talk on the phone, take the money and give change. And so all the time. Grandma can watch TV at the same time not looking to knit socks. Gymnast does not think about how he flies making a run triple somersault. And unless you had a situation when I had to go home to check whether the closed front door and turned off the iron? Such examples can lead indefinitely, but they say only one thing, that our external perception is very limited, and from this comes the misunderstanding. When two people they communicate not only with each other and see themselves differently, they have different perceptions blotted said the source, but also on the basis of a distorted perception of doing exactly the opposite conclusions in no way connected with the fact that they have "heard". That's why I decided to write an article on the subject, in which I will try to convey to you the answers to the questions that I get asked in the letters. The site has all the information, but it is so much that a lot of people because of our nervous system features described above works do not notice the answers to the questions that are right before your eyes. So, read the questions and answers.

Larisa -15.09.2016 13:19
Why all videootzyvy of your clinic in Krasnodar, you are shooting themselves demonstrate the patient's condition after treatment courses. No video did not see where I could see the condition of the patient before treatment. Why tell us how and what hurt? After all, enough to see and compare.
Andrei Ponomarenko -15.09.2016 16:42
Zdravstvuye, Larissa. At your request, I found on my channel on YouTube videos of 45 pairs that illustrate the condition of the patients before and after treatment. Some of them were made immediately after the session, and others in weeks or months after treatment. This is due to the fact that different people have different diseases and the healing process goes at different speeds. Therefore, it is difficult to make a continuous numbering, whenever the channel rollers were in order; Before after. Of course it is technically possible, but it is very time-consuming process. If a person is getting rid of most of the problems come to repeat a year or two, for the sake of order in continuous numbering need to remove and then re-download hundreds rolikov.Eto a lot of work, which will take several days, and so for each new video. I decided to make it easier if you need it too. Below I give a number of rollers, "Before and After". Larissa, I understand that in such a quantity of information is easy to get confused, so you and show that there is no such pairs of rollers.

Here they are by the numbers: (474-90) (458-465) 413-447) (374-375) (134- 333) (325-324) (297-299) (260-257) (250-249) ( 242-243) (224-225) (252-236) (220-221-223) (200-201) (206-209) (195-196) (401-402) (219-222) (252-236 ) (204-205) (192-193) (181-182) (178-179) (176-177) (174-175) (172-173) (153-169) (165-166) (161-163 ) (149-150) (146-147) (140-141) (130-131) (127-128) (125-126) (115-117) (110-111-118) (106-107) (88 -89) (76-77) (64-65) (58-59) (212-213) (162-163) (52-54) (19-20) (14-16)

Larissa, in addition, I believe that the camera to shoot at a person who moans from the pain, instead of helping, at least unethical, so the majority of clips removed after the treatment procedure. And even with a good and fast results on a shoot agree 2 people out of 10. What I do is of course advertising, but advertising is not me personally, but promotion method RANC. If I had pursued the aim to deceive patients and lure them in Krasnodar, would I then create a Free «RANC Association," where no one no one should? It was created and continues to grow uniting like-minded people in order to make the most efficient medical care available in different cities and countries. Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

Elena 16.09.2016 12:17
Good afternoon!
Andrey Aleksandrovich, tell. please, whether there are contraindications to the use of the method in RANC lipomas (removed in 2012)? Oncologist do not permit such procedures, categorically, because refers to varieties of massage.
Thank you in advance for your response!

Hello, Elena. If you choose to know my opinion, I do not think lipoma, the more that was removed a contraindication for use RANC method. I am well aware that your doctor is guided by the knowledge that he taught. I also was taught, but in 17 years of practice, I realized that these theories are at least out of date and do not bring positive results. On the contrary, in violation of the regulatory function of the nerve centers of the brain there are all sorts of malfunctions of various organs and body systems, including the immune gormonanalnoy and that even classical concepts is the reason for the formation of fibroids tumors and lipomas and to malignant. The method of treatment itself (recovery of activity of the nerve centers) RANC refers to non-drug therapies like acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage. Only need to say that its effect on the central-stock system and body as a whole is superior to acupuncture tenfold. Elena, have you ever heard of massage, electrophoresis, magnets, laser, or manual therapy cure epilepsy, herniated discs, migraine, trigeminal nerve damage, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, or angina? I'm talking about this have never heard of, and RANC method can do it. The closest thing to it is worth acupuncture, but you must make 15-20 sessions for 2 months but still Parkinson's disease it does not give. One RANC procedure includes a "reset" of the brain, which lasts 4-6 weeks, which saves the time that we spend on medical visits. I also want to say that in the US even 14 years ago, the results of years of research were obtained, which showed that "For all types of acupuncture including massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture, no significant data on the impact of the growth of cancerous tumors." As if we did not belong to America, but to count money and keep statistics they can do. Here, perhaps, and everything, and who to trust, you decide.
Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

Margarita 09/17/2016 7:39
Hello, Andrey Aleksandrovich. Do not you tell where in Volgograd, you can use your technique? I have a very vivid clinical picture, but the traditional methods do not help, and yes there is a clear diagnosis. We try to use your own method house, but still wanted to try it professionally.

Dear Margarita. Unfortunately I do not have information about doctors practicing RANC method in Volgograd. Most often, these doctors are, but in "RANC Association", they are often not registered, and many others in different cities. Everyone has their own reasons, such as tax evasion, self-doubt, fear of harassment by co-workers, or the desire to earn a lot of money. I will not call the medical centers that employ RANC method under other names and ask for the treatment of large amounts of 10-15 times greater than the offer we say that the method came to him from Israel or the United States.

In Krasnoyarsk we did fairly well, and the prices for the clouds do not raise, but also, as we have, and honestly say where they got this technology referring to Krasnodar. Here is a link to their video, which is about two years ago I accidentally found on the Internet. It is only then we poznakomillis, and while it is absent, communicate by phone.
Margarita is a pity that you did not write what you specifically are concerned, but, in any case, due to the versatility of this method of treatment the majority of diseases where in the "official" medicine no positive results, the effect of RANC is always there. Simply due to the difference in the number of disorders in the nervous system, various diseases have their sentences lecheniyai respectively different number of sessions. On average in most diseases enough 1-4 treatments with an interval of 5-6 weeks. All individually, but as a person with one or two times help for many months, or years, I am very happy. Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko

Gennady . 08.09.2016.
Dear Andrey Aleksandrovich long wait from you for an article on this topic. I agree completely with your eyes is often confronted with "special" patients, which at least the oil on his head lei, and it is still bad. In this case, my tactic is similar to yours. I give the copied your article, website address, time to think, it is necessary to understand it or not. Thank you again for your concern for people, and kindness. Good luck to you, with Gennady respect. Angarsk
Andrei Ponomarenko.
Hello, Gennady borissovich. Thank you for the positive evaluation of my work, and for their support. This article I wrote in the hope that it will be primarily useful for colleagues to easily could avoid the trouble in which I got. I recommend you to read a new article entitled "Trap". It is located in the "BLOG".
Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

Talk: Anxiety and Hope

Moscow 09.08.2016 20:56
Dear Andrey Aleksandrovich. Completely agree with your reasoning. I like practicing your technique, have to face a similar situation, is justified by the fact that patients are brought to despair, with shattered health, knocking on every door. And only a relationship of trust on both sides, create the miracle of your wonderful RANC techniques. And your live site confirmation, where everyone can participate and speak.
There is an application for your book. The book, which will be the continuation of the dialogue, the doctor and patient. Yours Svetlana Georgievna.

Andrei Ponomarenko -08.09.2016 21: 2
Thanks Svetlana Georgievna. I come from the site application. Today we have applications from Angarsk, Kazan, Ekibastuz, Magnitogorsk, Krasnoyarsk and Nikolaev (Ukraine). Very pleased that manages to write about what people need to practice. Our programmer has created a site in the "book" a convenient order form. And I advise you to read the short article "Trap". It is in the "BLOG". Rimma Vartanovna carried her to check her family, when she still was not even on the website. Good luck to you and good luck. Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

Talk: Re-evolution

" like-minded "
Andrei Alexandrovich, you strong-willed person, confident in their deeds and thoughts. Great idea to put all comments in this article, but confident, as well as in its method, people can do it !!! This is how the ancient wisdom about the donkey, a father and son ... It is necessary to have an opinion, but not to listen to the statements of others, because the entire environment always has an opinion on everything. The method works, it is a fact. Take care of yourself and !!! Only forward.
Andrew Ponmarenko . -13.09.2016 18:00
Thank you for your understanding and support. The main thing to kill the "dragon" in itself, but a hostile environment can live as he pleases. While there is not minded life loses meaning. We did not sink, it's cleverly we dive!

Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

September 12, 2016, 10:15
Hello, I was plagued by pain in the left side of the face. Quite a long time. Held medikametoznoe treatment, acupuncture. The pain passed but soon returned. I had 2 operations Decompression of the trigeminal nerve. After the first time there was a pain after 3 weeks. We made a second operation, all thought. But the pain again gave itself felt after 1 month. Radio Frequency is now advised to make decompression. But now, no needles, have to wait. Please tell me how I do it. Your method can help me? And how much does it cost and what is the timing of rehabilitation. rehabilitation period.
Looking forward to your response.

Andrey Ponomarenko.
Hello, Nicholas. My method of treatment will help you and if you really read the website and watched my videos on YouTube, you think you have an idea of what and how we are doing. The only thing I do not like it, so this is what your faith in a cure shaken madoeffektivnye operation. Doctors tried to help you. Do not be upset, we were taught. Procedure in lesions of the trigeminal nerve, we conducted in two phases. First, perform one procedure (about 40 injections of the standard scheme, then the patient goes on for 20 minutes to break and resting in the massage chair. Then, the second step, and injections are performed only between the vanes, between those points which have already been involved in the first step. The number of injections of the second stage 20, just between the shoulder blades. That is actually a person receives 2 treatments in a row with a short break. a two-stage ( "duplex"), the procedure is assessed as well as the usual single-6,000 rubles. The percentage of cure approaching aetsya to 100%, in contrast to other diseases, where it is less easy for some people missing and one stage, but others must be 5 "duplex" procedures. But, I try too much to do, if the effect is obtained with a discharge procedure, then you can . not continue to make an appointment to call on any phone that has a website.
Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

talk: visits to doctors practicing the method Ranc

Elena Ivanovna 09/08/2016 8:23
Family physicians of g.Georgievska Stavropol Territory ( a neurologist and a physiotherapist, work experience 4 0 years) recently met with the method, and it is very zainteresovalis.Preimuschestva method-obvious actions, understand the mechanism began to try it out for yourself ... It is necessary to examine in more detail all of the data on sayte- "immerse themselves in the details" and start practicing ...

Basil . 27 years. By profession, theater administrator. In the past, professional engaged in boxing (from 17 to 23 years)
from January 2015. beginning to appear occasionally pain in the heart and dizziness (once per month for 5-10 minutes and release), these pains did not pay attention because actively engaged in sports, such as running, weightlifting and swimming. At one point (the period of April 2015), he ran cross there was a strong pain in the heart, dizziness, blackout. Uastkovomu turned to the therapist, passed the tests on blood, urine, checked heart (ECG, ultrasound of the heart), the doctor advised to drink vitamins and all. A week later, the condition did not improve, was admitted to a local hospital with high blood pressure is 180/90. Are treated for 2 weeks, during which took vascular preparations (aktovigin mexidol) and drugs reducing high blood pressure. During treatment relief is not received, the status remained the same, in which it was difficult to even move around. At discharge was diagnosed - a chronic gippertoniya.
After that, being at home in the same condition refers to several manual therapists, masseurs, who claimed that the Problem in the cervical region, after passing their courses of treatment was relieved for a short time. Also appealed to the neurologist, neurologists, ophthalmologists, who are diagnosed: vegetative-vascular dystonia, encephalopathy, traumatic brain disease. Within half a year to take the drug: mexidol adaptol, cortexin lerkamen. Recently I accepted: Fenotropil, gliatilin, glitsepam.
Currently, in the quiescent state, in a state of mobility, while riding in the car, that is, in any condition persists: dizziness, blurred in the eyes, pain in the heart and feeling faint, poor sleep, loss of vision, which can not be removed by any of the drugs.
With all this half a year ago began to gradually go to the gym, to engage with moderate load during trenerovki feel relieved, blood pressure is now normal (120/80),

September 4, 8:31 Andrei Ponomarenko .
Hello, Basil. I will not write you a very detailed answer to your very detailed letter, especially since all the information is on the site. I will say briefly that we treat these conditions.
Sincerely Anndrey Ponomarenko.

AleksPv -03.08.2016 21:16
Andrey Aleksandrovich, I am concerned that your method cured all diseases. RANC some kind of panacea for all ills! What, you did not have negative results? What is the chance to get rid of the inflammation of the trigeminal nerve? 0.5; 0.67; 0.95; or 0,999?
I understand you will be difficult to answer. The answer is revealed in the network can have a negative impact on your practice. I offer a personal meeting in your clinic with your consent.
Sincerely, Alexander
Andrei Ponomarenko 08.06.2016
Dear Alexander. I'm not hard to answer you, because I am sure he is right, and this confidence is based on the experience of seventeen. The site I describe everything in detail, but that it seems to be true, so it is a private matter. If you write a comment on the article on the site, I am pleased to open for him to answer. A lesion of the trigeminal nerve is a functional disorder, as well as epilepsy, and therefore "cured" some drugs. Treated badly, and by RANC almost 100% of cases, the whole thing only in the number of procedures, which is not so much as in Parkinson's disease. To meet you I'm ready, but phoned ahead with my manager. Phones Online.
Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

you remove no operating or barbs on the first cervical neoplasm of the call between the neck and head. Thank you.
Andrey Ponomarenko .
Hello, Joan. Herniated discs by RANC removed without surgery. If I understand you correctly, I hope that answered your question.
Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

Good afternoon! Tell me, please, whether you work with such a diagnosis as the hypertonicity of the uterus and whether the pregnancy contraindication for the procedure? Thank you for your comment,

Andrei Ponomarenko :
Hello, Olga. Yes, it is a functional disorder treatable by RANC. Pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication, but it is desirable to know the time, because there is another way of reflexology, more gentle. Sorry to reply late.
Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.
Hello, Andrey Aleksandrovich!
Thank you very much for the answer.
I have to date only 7 weeks of pregnancy. I am 39 years old. It is necessary to write that first pregnancy, I almost once every two months was in the hospital for saving. But then I studied and had the opportunity to acad. And now, in addition, I have become numb right side of the body, starting with your feet.
From doctors help in the form of a standard set of medicines (djufaston and folic-ta), all is explained by my age. They say, they say, if destined, then the child will be born, and if not, then at least preserve, at least not Keep ...
I really want to give birth to a healthy baby by yourself. Can you help me? What tests, studies need to pass?

Andrei Ponomarenko .
Hello Olga. The pessimism of my colleagues on the success of the treatment for a long time is not surprising, therefore, it had to find ways out of the situation. In 1994 I, after 4 years of unsuccessful treatment of my "infertility" stated that, based on the results of analyzes, the children I will not apparently.
Today my Anya 15 years, and his son Sasha July 25, 2016 (ie, there will be 14 years old in 11 days). So I "philosophically" attitude to what we were taught. Recovery method of active nerve centers (in English abbreviation RANC) affects the entire brain in general and the brain begins to "deal" with the problems in itself and the body. Approach implies a struggle with some symptoms, which today is a popular yet, in my opinion has not justified and not justified. Therefore, I believe that today spend a lot of meaningless studies, most of which are not needed. Our method of treatment we use on themselves, their fundamentals parents, children, and always with the same success. Do not give up.
Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

On this today, I want to finish the article, because if I continue to give examples of the letters, then it will turn into a novel. Material enough to continue this topic in the future as to illustrate the content of articles, I will once again use my conversation with patients. For ethical reasons, the patients of the letters I have deleted the names, email addresses and IP addresses, leaving only their own data.
Friends, I wish you good health, optimism and understanding.

Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.



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