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09 2016
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Re-evolution. I had been thinking about this, it would seem not worth serious reflection questions that no doubt many doctors think. It was first put NGChernyshevsky, but he thought globally and had in mind the policy. "Who is to blame and what to do?". In school, I was such topics totally excited and even a little irritated. I thought, "Here people do nothing happened." Now, being engaged in medical practice and faced with illogical contradictions that hinder its further development and I remembered the question Chernyshevsky which have not a reasonable answer has been found. It seems to me that with regard to medicine the answer is but he was not alone, as well as the question Consisting of two parts.

The fact that modern medicine today is in deep crisis (with the exception of surgery) for serious professionals no longer a secret. There is a search for ways to overcome this crisis, which has not yet given tangible results. In my opinion the reason for this is the search for new solutions and ideas are attempts to reach them by the old methods, which fundamentally contradict each other until mutual exclusion. This evolution and revolution, are two mutually exclusive processes, which in my opinion in regard to medicine are unable to give a positive result.

Evolution (from the Latin evolutio - deployment.), In a broad sense -sinonim development; changing processes (preferably irreversibly) flowing in the organic and inorganic nature, as well as in social systems.

The revolution - a radical transformation in any area of human activity.

A revolution (from Late revolutio- turn upheaval, transformation, treatment) - a radical, radical, profound, qualitative change, the leap in the development of society, the nature of, or knowledge of, the conjugate with an open rupture with the previous state. Revolution as a qualitative leap in the development of a more rapid and significant change, and the evolution of feature (where development occurs more slowly), and from the reform (in which to make changes to any part of the system without affecting the existing basis).

With regard to the evolution of medicine has long stopped. There are still fruitless attempts at reform, but it is not even evolution and the helpless marking time in search of a "philosophy of the stone." This state of medicine feel all the doctors and when the young enthusiastic doctor comes to the realization that he is helpless and can do nothing help the patient, he is facing a choice. A choice of low, or follow the standards that have been trained and thus accept the belief that most diseases are incurable and do routine or join a minority party, which does not receive this e GMs. Sad, but quiet majority has always been and will be in antagonism with enthusiastic ones whose lives are always restless. Among them there are radicals who wish to make a revolution, but they are a minority, and among her they will never have the support, because a complete rejection of the former experience in medicine as damaging as ignoring new ideas. "Quiet most of the" over time so demoralized that despite the negative attitude to the representatives of restless minorities, and this attitude is mixed but envy and a sense of worthlessness, they, representatives of the majority show their emotions and actions is weak, as if cautiously. Typically, this is expressed in a silent ignoring affairs enthusiasts, because even criticism of the representatives of the "party of restless" on the part of the majority can not because of their incompetence developed against the background of the Word of laziness. "Laziness" I use in a broad sense, which includes; fear of losing the little that is already there, and for this to renounce a large new, disgust for the new, as a rejection of the new boots from the fact that it is a pity to throw away old native boots. I do not argue that laziness as non-mental activity has a profound physiological significance. Even at rest in the supine position with closed eyes, our brain, the body weight of 1300 -1400 grams absorbs 20% of the energy consumed by the total number of the whole body. When intense mental activity energy expenditure in the form of glucose absorbed increases to 40%, so the feeling discomfort people subconsciously choose type of activity and the least energy-intensive lifestyle. And in this respect, what could be better than to follow the ways for a long time studied with well-known results are guaranteed. But the flip side of this "coin" is a complete inability to learn something new, which is beyond even spacious, but still "enclosure". The famous American inventor Thomas Edison watching the work of his technicians once said; "People are going to do anything to not think." Here is a letter from our like-minded "party enthusiasts", which illustrates my words. In order to avoid possible adverse moments I removed the name of the person, because once one patient told me this is not very pleasant phrase. "When I read your site, I thought; "And he's still alive?". So you do not want to think about the way other people.

" Hello, Andrey Aleksandrovich. Very glad your book. In fact, it is a constant reminder of your technique, without which completely it would be boring. Dr my still method ignored. Nonresident becomes greater than their own. In the hospital, patients receive the procedure almost completely . It has become our hallmark. Although in general terms, the crisis continues to squeeze his arms. to work harder and harder. I accept, and I hope to luchshee.S Sincerely, B. Say hello to your fascinating assistants. ".

In my opinion neither evolution nor revolution in medicine is impossible in principle due to objective reasons. The evolution of the process is too slow, unlike our transient life and yet for decades, or a century will have accumulated a critical mass of knowledge and experience to move slowly to the next level of care, without it too soon will leave the life of hundreds of millions of people. Revolution as a sharp break and rejection of previous experience with regard to medicine can not. In my opinion to put forward the idea, which will be self-sufficient and all previous experience of development can be thrown away as useless and wrong is impossible. Without relying on previous theoretical and practical achievements to move forward it is impossible, and therefore a revolution in isolation from the fruit of a long evolution is doomed to failure, so the representatives of both "parties" against such ideas. In medicine, there are two approaches that are traditionally offered for resolving the problems encountered, it is evolutionary and revolutionary. both have their pros and cons which I will briefly just said. Not only their conditional and can be designated as the "plus and minus" Evolution and revolution, but I think that between the floor they need to put the pole transition, the third link, which will bring together all the positive features of each process and neutralize their disadvantages at the same time. This upgrade will convert all three links in a continuous process, which will be characterized by an evolutionary experience and revolutionary commitment forward. This is the third element, as a unifying pole, I propose to call "Re-evolution." I think that all three links can be worn by a common name. I'll tell you how I think this idea can be implemented in practice, but first, for readability want to go back to the top of the article, the question N. G. Chernyshevskogo; "Who is to blame and what to do?" in my opinion in a situation in which today is guilty medicine not just knowledge accumulated over the centuries to the present day was not enough to formulate on their basis. A new theoretical approach that n attainments to achieve qualitatively new practical results. Fortunately today in my opinion a "critical mass" of accumulated knowledge has reached a level that allows the synthesis of different theories, each of which carries a part of one common truth. Recovery method of active nerve centers (The Restoration Of Activity Of Nerve Centers ) RANC not invented by me, it is only the fruit of the analysis of the works of the great physiologists, proposed and developed the theory of nervism. We now briefly describe its essence and names of the people who created the theory of almost a century ahead of his time.

In the development of nervism providing 4 stages:

Stage 1: associated with I. M. Sechenovym (1863), the work "Reflexes of the Brain." The basic principle: the spinal cord and brain are working on the principle of reflex and regulate the activity of the whole organism.

Stage 2: V. M. Behterev - studied the brain function in an experiment in healthy and sick person. The brain plays a key role in the regulation of body functions.

Stage 3: S. P. Botkin: found that different diseases have a neurogenic origin. When central nervous system, stress influences - may develop disease. C. Botkin believed that neurogenic reason underlies diseases such as Graves' disease, ulcers, hypertension, diabetes.

Stage 4: I. P. Pavlov - studied the influence of the central nervous system: the heart, vascular tone, blood pressure values, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. I studied the integrative function of the central nervous system, which combines the work of the organs and systems in a single unit. He studied the interaction with the environment. He studied the work of the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres as senior manager and distributor functions in the body.

Nervism definition of the word.

Nervism - this doctrine, which seeks to extend the influence of the nervous system to the largest possible number of body functions.

Nervism , the idea of the precedence of the nervous system in the regulation of physiological functions and processes occurring in the body of animals and humans. The concept Nervizmvvedeno in the physiology of I. P. Pavlovym (1883).

Nervism was comprehensive scientific theory, covering biology, physiology, clinic not any random connections, but organically, on the basis of the most important, feature-vertebrate groups all around the body of the nervous system.

"What to do?". I believe that there is no need to split hairs again and try to reinvent the wheel of habit, it is sufficient to go back to the sources, to nervism theory. The method of treatment, which I called RANC is based precisely on this theory. The only thing that was missing before, this is how nervism theory can be applied to solve practical problems to eliminate the causes of diseases. 18 years ago a solution was found. Due to the close anatomical and functional relationship nuclei accessory nerve and reticular formation nuclei in the brain stem, opens the possibility of feedback influence the reticular formation activity short pain stimulation intense portions of the trapezius muscle which leads to the fact that in the brain is activated recovery process normal the activity of the nerve centers, which lasts about 6 weeks. The procedure can be carried out after this time again, if necessary. A number of treatments is determined individually for different nosologies averages 3-5, with Parkinson's disease 10-15. Trapezius muscle stimulation is most suitably performed with water for injection or weak (2%) solution dipyrone in saline.

Abbreviation RANC (recovery of activity of the nerve centers) reflects the essence of the central nervous system processes the result of which is the restoration of optimal central regulation of body organs and systems. This is known as the method of treatment I have proposed to designate that this is RANC method to avoid confusion, as in appearance it resembles paravertebral blockade is a principle of action, he has nothing to do. In the four years since the site was opened RANC method became known, accepted and approved by many doctors and the name RANC proved to be successful, it is now all the more widely used not only in Russia. And, with regard to the PE evolution, a term I first created for himself, to designate the process which is based on the theory and nervism RANC method as its practical implementation. Yesterday, when I started this article, you will not even notice that a new word RE-EVOLUTION composed of two different in meaning of words revolution and evolution has exactly the middle point that I wanted to give him. I wanted a new term Evolution added activity and aggressiveness removed from the Revolution. And only now once again looking at him, I realized what it means in translation, namely the evolution of new, or re-developed. The country received a play on words and meanings. I do not suggest anything to anyone, just myself now easier to understand what I do. About three months ago, one of my patients at the end of the consultation told a strange phrase; "All you have is good, only one thing is alarming that there is on the Internet bad reviews about you," I told him that he was just bad looking, and the comments are different, so yesterday was not lazy and chose all the comments to the video, which is only found and decided to them as there are no cuts in the post this article to make it easier for people to find other people's opinions about me and RANC method. If you have something indignant, just remember that it hurts me more than, I just keep quiet.

Nikolai Nikolayev
person far from medicine, not having a license for private medical services, a person inflates the heroten aseptic usloviyah- will then treat abscesses in purulent surgery after such a miracle methods. People you really suck chtoli that these schizo Keep your body ?? What he does is a criminal offense !!

Negirev Andrei
Its still not planted?

Before writing such komenty, take the trouble to learn all about this doctor, and the license, and its method RANS ... According to the method already working in many cities and in Moscow too ...

Yuri Tokarev
dopamine system, the respiratory center ... with paravertebral "irrigation" ???? !!!! ............ substantia nigra?! ... He even read neurology? Wildness. Ignorance.

Irina Morozova
This is due to the aforementioned debility of comments I promuchalas two years of pain! And when in February this procedure was the brother of my husband !!! - ran without hesitation. And a month now I do not know where my hernia, where ketorol Nice and gels !!!

Alexander Meter
22 injections, you look like in beauty salons micro injections made with a syringe in his face or boteks injections are administered. It would be good to hear, Man 16 years, helped him ?????

Anastasia Lash
Andrew! You are a true "Kulibin" in neurology is class! But if doctors will use this method, the medical industry will lose finance flows. The more patients, the more dough in a corporation WHO. Therefore, this method may even be banned, and the author and development ........... into oblivion. Healthy people do not need corporations.

large spssibo. Ignore the nigativnye reviews. You're a big fellow! And how do you feel honest and beskorystnvy man as trying to help people and to reach them! Who needs to hear you. Thank you!!!

Roma With
Doc. you certainly do not get bored, you just do not get angry when you do not you will otsenyat.Udachi!

Anna Dudnik
Thank you very much for the information you health and strength that would advance your technique, I have no medical training, but I think you offer a very interesting topic

Aleksandr Makedonsky
This is due to lack of honey. education and you are interested in this method

silvia arventi
Spasibo.VY gave me the answer to so many questions that arose during the massage to patients Your intuition observation logic ipatsientam desire to help doctors and does you credit

yesterday I opened myself to you, I would like you to listen and obey by.Day you health and long life, helping people.

Larisa Rabchevsky
very affordable! You are a wonderful teacher! Any questions, of course, I would like to talk with you personally. Thank you, dear, wonderful work! A low bow to you.

Savarbek Almazov

Andrey Andreev
Very impressive - the beginning of the international way !!!

Andrey Andreev
Bravo, very strongly, well done, congratulations to keep it up !!!

Nikolai Ryabinka
Andrew you are right on all 100

Nikolai Ryabinka
This is equivalent to that on the computer, press the reset button REZET. Of course an experienced user can log in and solve problems in a particular mkste and you can press the reset and the computer itself will test and resolve the problem and your method, I often muchelsya of back and sciatic nerve will never go to the doctor, and addressed to his grandmother and grandparents tend to what they were doing, duck is working on the nerve endings, in fact on the point of pain, happening myaza emancipation and relieves pain watching your videos, I realized that I have correctly understood the causes of pain imetod treatment, you intelligibly gave explanation to what grandmas and grandfathers could not explain to me, or maybe did not want to, but always helped

Paul Behterev
Why this method? he treats them all diseases? where to get the Old?

why not take off until the end it became your patient may even die there

Maxim Romanenko
He yadrena he proymet And Kuzia healthily honey Though taste and honey He tastes though cool and happens to him, dying But those that survive to old age Those living.

Camila Zankova
+ Maxim Romanenko Super, in this tale in this Yaga all about this method is said :) And in the case of an effective thing.

Tender May
Blunt treatment but helps a genius

Vladislav Roitman
all brilliant - just.

Kayrbolat Alshinbaev
Well done !! All talks and shows !! Kind soul !! Thank you !!

Venso Vence3 day
you from God! I wish you happiness, health and many years of life - that you gave people warmth and hope and health !!! You and your team of friendly and good - luck and happiness !!!

Klim Varshavsky
I am a doctor and I do proklyanayu, you idiot

Igor Klimov
... all in the comments much. A man has helped hundreds of people. Somehow, in the acupuncture believe everything analginum few who did not use, blockade of 10-cm needles in any poliklinnike 150 UAH offer and tut- "nonsense." The method works, and the cost of its a cheap and virtually impossible to hurt.

Irina Plastinina
Thank you very much Dr. !!! After the procedure took 6 weeks. The pain is gone, I sleep well, there are forces, energy, zest for life !!!

Mr. X
Doctors themselves idiots. Checked.

Andrew B
guy, someone joked, telling you that you're a doctor. And you and I believe ...

Vyacheslav Hazan
After the words "that it osteohondroz deposition which the salts and the replacement of cartilage ....." then you can not slushat.Snimite robe he is not your ...

Oleg Anatolievich
Speaking very simple language understandable even to insects, the definition of "degenerative disc disease" it is! It is a paradox. Osteosclerosis endplates, marginal bone overgrowth of the vertebral bodies and intervertebral disks edge calcification in consequence trophism disorders (food) or age-related changes. So - all right. PS The video did not look

Bogdan Kachan
.... which is the death of the patient from aplastic anemia, or shock)), and the moron in a robe is a gesture, anatomy he knows can, but medicine is unlikely!

Yuri Tokarev
He does understand what he says.? "Injections .... tinnitus ...." Tinnitus is called. Triumfova Honor. Ignorance is complete. He writes well! Oheret !!!!

very interested in the method, the more so as I understand, it can be done independently. But the link to the site does not work !!! web search has not given results, everywhere only ads and all. If you have a mailbox, write pzhlsta would be very grateful

Roman Snezhko
formulations may slow down motility, slow down a person, it solves the problem skorogovoreniya, which is one of the fundamentals of starting discoordination including voice, stuttering. Therefore, one reason for speed discoordination ukolchiki can help, but if the man himself is not further develop the habit of normal-speed action, he further still over and over again will unconsciously be accelerated (or school speed up) and everything will be back ... namely discoordination

Andrei Ponomarenko
Roman, I understand that you are a specialist in stuttering, and how would you comment on the remaining 320 videos on my channel "Nevrologika" ?. Whatever it was, but my son Sasha did not stutter. If you look closely, my channel, you'll see both. Despite the unjustified criticism, I thank you for your interest in my work. Sincerely A.A.Ponomarenko.

Vladimir Sokolov
I g Salavat in bolnetse razkazyval schetRANC on the need to implement

Andrei Ponomarenko
's my son Alexander. The video was shot at home with my mother in law. Sasha was 9 years old. He stuttered since 4 years, but not very much, so I was not treated. Started going to school, he began to stutter stronger and somehow Raisa Pavlovna (my toscha) said; "Andrew you people you treat, and your son stutters, you Sasha cured!". I felt ashamed and I persuaded him to suffer pain for 15 seconds, and during this promised him 1,000 rubles for a computer program to which he had dreamed. A month has passed, but the stutter he has not ceased, and I performed the second procedure and passed through a stutter. This video comes at number 38. The next movie №29, where Sasha talks about how he suffered the procedure, then I took it off after school, when he ceased to stutter (video №44). Since then, my son does not stutter. "NEVROLOGIKA" clinic. Krasnodar, ul. Tanning 62. Yours faithfully Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko

Amina Novruz
respected Andrey Aleksandrovich God forbid you zdoroya wish you many, many zdoroya

Luiza Kazar
doctor says all right, I was ill for a long time and she did not know the anatomy of massaging these points herself removed dizziness and much drugoe.samo body tells you thank you very much

Arina Jum
possible to cure trigeminal neuralgia completely! forever?

Galina Dzgoeva
Arina, week 3 I will definitely really talk about my state of health and about the health of my trigeminal nerve.

Galina Dzgoeva
Krassssavchik! According to another can not be said. It was on reception of 25 and 27 November 2015. Three days of watching and listening to this lecture only understand what I said feel. I nevrolgiya trigeminal age 6. Three days I feel as if my mouth that is paralyzed. The pain is there, but less and crumbling. So far very pleased. I'll write again after some time about his feelings.

Nikolay Kozachenko,
who will tell me! how to find this doctor

Andrei Ponomarenko
, Krasnodar, ul. Leather, 62 clinic NEVROLOGIKA

Nikolay Kozachenko
thank God forbid health

Galina Dzgoeva
+ destenizz Good day! I took two courses, I felt better, but the pain does not pass. As time passes, the pain increased, but with less pain. I think I had over two weeks to make two more courses. But domestic and material possibilities I could not do the treatment. And now I think about how to be treated again

Dmitry I.
It is interesting to know how to do the procedure, how often.

Andrei Ponomarenko
Hello, Dmitry Igorevich. Nina Mikhailovna about 13 procedures were done. She was 78 years old. She came to us on a monthly basis. Thanks to her huge, that she agreed to star in this movie. She is Professor and in our city many people know her, so was not presented. Most people, in spite of his illness, which can not hide, try to do it and do not agree to take the picture. Therefore, I do not dare to take the first person who came to see me, and now Nina is putting me in the "blame" .A, here, by the way movie number 334. Would you believe that she was sick? Now I can not leave this post, I'm afraid the text will disappear, just find yourself roller primerno150, doctors from Tatiana Novocheboksarsk, trained with us, he says that, see. Miracles we do not, but tried to make health care Bole perfect. Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

Vinni Puh
+ Andrei Ponomarenko ie .. you do one procedure per month on average ???

Andrey Andreev
fantastic !!

Rose Kadyrov
me exactly the problem I lose consciousness and feel like nachinayutsya attacks, breathing heavily and stonovitsya both hands twisted, but the doctors could not diagnose epilepsy 4 years have passed since I suffer these torments ask help cure the disease.

Olga Kozinskaya
think it's great. Keep it up! Harmless and help fast-it's a dream! I will try.

Olga Kozinskaya
And what do you think of cerebral palsy in children?

Olga Kozinskaya
colleague, the ratio of dipyrone and physical. any solution? Or is it not important? Stuttering in 40 years, your technique can help?

Liliya Solomko
"why even in Moscow did not want to do it?" - we have that, we do not know the official medicine ?? You do not need her!

Suvorova Tatiana
doctor for an award! Well done!!

2:30 rightly said, but why even in Moscow did not want to do it? Do not believe? Laziness get on a plane, to fly and to see. My opinion - this doctor worthy of the Nobel Prize !!!

Xenia Abryshkina
If someone has not yet decided to undergo treatment for RANC method, we strongly recommend not to delay.

Xenia Abryshkina
Andrew, thank you very much! My mother returned today from your clinic. She took a course of treatment for Parkinson's disease. I am very glad we decided on this trip. Before treatment it was difficult to walk, sit, lie down and just live. The doctors told us that nothing more can be done. Your method has greatly improved her condition, she passed by a wild pain, no stiffness in his movements, to improve overall sostoyanie.Esli you know, again, to hear how happy my mother laugh !!!!!!! God bless you !!!!

Vladislav Chernov
You have the technique to offer Bill Gates had Parkinson's disease!

Andrei Ponomarenko
pleased to be offered, but how? The time will come and it will be available to him, and while this method is accepted by those to whom the disease is not likely to leave. I think that he will use this method from any of the authoritative medical luminaries who have mastered this simple, but effective method. In this disease the most important thing is not to lose time, but fortunately it gives everyone the "chronometer". One can immobilize a year and nothing will not help, and the other after 15 years from the beginning to be a success

Basil Palamar
Lord ask you to help this woman.

Elena Nikolaeva
please tell me how you feel now? my mother the same problem how to contact you

Elena Perechneva
feels fine. I'm her daughter's writing on her behalf. Go better if she did not of course. But fatigue when walking passed. High pressure which has passed its raced. And she opened the nose began to feel zapoh. Of course it is still treset but less. We should also be sure to come to pass the course.

Andrey Andreev
done, just ahead !!!

Yasin Isaevich
yes, really a miracle.

But then, acupuncture has been used to be something new, but now it's official medicine.

I live in Minsk, addressed to all the major private medical centers, said that the video can offer, no one wants to do in public clinics to handle the more pointless it really so hard, it's just an injection, the main thing to find a point. You should have seen than in Minsk neurologists treat, painkillers, electrophoresis, magnet, etc. Your method is a revolution in neuralgia. Surely no one was interested in this method, or the eternal fear of everything new?

Hussein Gadaev
I really helped.

Alla D
I did not help. He held 8 sessions

+ D Alla You did 8 sessions at the very Andrei Ponamorenko? What is your diagnosis! Excuse my curiosity, but I'm going to go to him .... I wonder if what disease there is no result?

Elzani Mirzayev
and how much a procedure Stand

Vladislav Chernov
It is a gift)

Kayrbolat Alshinbaev
Hello !! I am from Taldykorgan, and whether this method will help to ankylosing spondylitis? Who were treated at Andrey, call me please !! + 77024441605.

Alexander Pluzhnikov
Hello, I'm from Labinsk and I also parkensona disease for 13 years as your find sai please give a link and how you can find in Krasnodar sludge to contact you

ainura Kuanishbaeva
there anyone who has traveled from Astana and was treated? respond ...

Sergey Danko
In Parkinson's disease - a more effective prayer: "Let God arise", and Arhangelu Mihailu.

Elena Nikolaeva
Lubov or your sister, please write how to contact you. We are from Kokshetau, we have the exact same problem, we would like to communicate.

unfortunately woman from Taraz moved .. A method seems very promising, even if no cure and stop the development of this terrible disease, it is a huge deal for the sick!

We are from the city of Almaty. We have the same problem. We want to try this method. Apparently, too, will fly to Krasnodar, if one does not practice RANC method in Kazakhstan.

respond please tell me, we, too, from Taraz (Kazakhstan). My mother is sick Parkinson wants to communicate with you!

Andrei Ponomarenko,
Thank you for such an assessment of my work. The only pity is that not all people with the disease succeeds so well to help, but if RANC method will be widely used and universally, that the disease can be overcome in the early stages. In this case, it will be forgotten, as it is now forgotten, threatening at one time black pox.

Andrei Ponomarenko
Vadim, you are all easy to understand, if will go to my website NEVROLOGIKA, everything is explained in detail, and on my channel more than 100 movies with patients testimonials that this method helped, including Parkinsona.Poverte disease is not a death sentence, you do uvidite.A migraine, in your "sentence?". I seem strange, but our medical theory is wrong. Sincerely A.A.Ponomarenko.

Norayr Bagdasaryan
Good day, my mother was initially hurt his shoulder, then seemed to become pull Saboya leg and arm as if holding a bag and left part of the body ,,,,,, She was appointed lac 3 TB, a day after it left thigh muscle beginning poddergivaet doctor uvelichil to 5 TB, the day after this tremor began in his left leg, and when other doctors showed they said they doubt the diagnosis parkinsoniz, MRI and CT scan does not show the violation, we would like to know your opinion, Thanks

Alexander Pushkin
On your own request otzyv.Posle write your procedure and Moscow, a man got a heart attack, instead of helping.

ainura Kuanishbaeva
Hello, I would like to recognize those who have undergone treatment using this method in Kazakhstan, please respond, it would be grateful

Andrei Ponomarenko,
I agree with the doctor who first recognized Parkinsonism. The fact that MRI and CT are seen quite rough structural damage, such as stroke and Parkinsonian changes are at the cellular level and in such studies can not be seen, but their effects can be seen in the body and is based on what the clinical diagnosis. Tablets are only some parts of the brain, and RANC method on the whole brain, that he and effective pharmacotherapy. Your first doctor was right, but here you need to apply RANC.

Irina Abaturova
chyush what

Nastua Podlujnaya
And I do not understand one thing: Why is it posted? Bloggers fig!

Tatiana Boldyrev

Che with him?

jak jakovich
I do not understand for Th

Sofien Ellouze
Klas mother pamaglo Unio balelo head

Vadim Mishchenko
Zdravstvuyte.Menya name Vadim.mne 4. doctors diagnosed b.parkinsona. I ask you to tell us what kind of method lecheniya.Po video, I did not understand that the doctor injected what lekarstvo.rey

Welcome Vadim.Ya online now and saw your comment on my kanale.Tot treatment that I called RANC based on brain stimulation short of pain impulses

Yasin Isaevich
Good girl, not a single muscle moved.

Anastaniya Harina
it's hurt

Larisa Kopylova
for me duck had to create one massage

Tatiana Slesareva
Good afternoon! I looked through a lot of your videos on the RANG method. You are doing a great job in helping people. Is it possible to cure the arrhythmia (not aged) this method?

Roza Stepina
Thank you, I will try to study f noise and the sound is very bespoyat after injury

Andrei Ponomarenko
Maks830, go to my, there is all the information, including the contact. A link does not work, because when you make changes in the text of the description, reference is turned off, and in addition to the video publishing time I had a different domain.

Link does not work. Please tell me your address and the cost of treatment

Andrei Ponomarenko
not only tinnitus, but all diseases arise from the fact that when strong emotions and anxieties, our brain starts to work in the wrong mode. That is, the brain is like a computer can "hang out". Some event in your life was the impetus for this violation.

Andrei Ponomarenko,
I have more than two years in the 14-patient department do not work, and to the head came into the day in the case. And about Nonsense ... So why was gone, that people work hard, especially with those who are in nothing verit.Na my channel more rollers 75, in addition, will meet these people on the street, ask them why they lied .

Aleksey Nekurin
Yes interrupt ugly ... think about it, be courteous. For the video thank you.

Andrei Ponomarenko
Thank you for your comment on this video. I have more than a hundred of these rollers. I would be grateful for your comments to the rest. Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

bother to read the theory and understand everything. and that - yes, advertising, what's wrong? check in and then insult cheloveka.V just too lazy to read the page ...

Alexander Maslakov
Doctor fucking. You teach people, not advertising a cheap do.

Eugene Sofronova
I'm waiting for that something to me will tell ..... not wait (((

Rasma Pávuls-Pávuli'na
interesting-Latvian sign RANC method?

anna potrivaeva
Thank you for your answer! Andrew, can I contact you by email? I have a few questions concerning your method! Thank you for your good work and your attention!

Andrei Ponomarenko
Dear Anna. Diabetes is not a contraindication for use of this treatment method. Instead, like any other disease, it occurs due to a failure in the regulation of brain systems. With specific regard to injury of the sciatic nerve, it is so common states that it is practically nobody in the course of life does not escape. This condition is treated well, as is increasingly functional. Sincerely A.A.Ponomarenko

anna potrivaeva
Please tell me your method can be used for patients with diabetes? Thank you!

Please tell me how you can sign up to you at the reception. I live near Moscow

Incorrect name of the clip - nothing is said about the Russian RANK. And write - a review of ... or private advertising ... then we will not spend time watching video.

Igor Masseur
How to be an idiot to put Dizlayk !!!! ????? This is a true love for people Doctor!

ergey Stoev
Hello Andrew, my friend paresis of hand-arm bad move, probably on the basis of decision-alcohol he generally likes the matter, please tell us how long after taking alcoholic drinks it is better to do a session of your method?

Andrei Ponomarenko
Hello, Sergey. It has no basic values, how much time elapsed after taking alcohol. Perform the procedure can and should be, in any case, and the harm of alcohol, of course obvious to all. Sincerely Andrei Ponomarenko.

Sergei Stoev
Many thanks to Andrew for the answer, your method is simple and most importantly good - like all brilliant!

Tell me, grandma help, she has been sick for 11 years, until the walk, in good health can even cook, sometimes it does not tremble. s '71.

A. Peil
and what specific way to not understand something? because I have the same problem.

Alexander Lobachenkov
health, love, wealth, and to be with God!

Thank you, thank God, that is in the earth, such as you! you all, all the best.

thank you very much for what you help people! and most importantly for what you are giving an opportunity to those who can not come to Krasnodar still use this method to improve their health! A low bow to you!

Larisa Rabchevsky
wonderful technique-has experienced.

tema kubik
God grant you patience and all health! Dr. done!

Yerzhan Amangeldin
Well, where is the cure?

Intigam Mamedov
Well it sure yourself to talk about why not write where medical Centro

Emma Shurygina
method is perfect and easy, pain tolerance, with the first treatment the pain went away, dizziness y me a hernia of the cervical spine, who wants to be cured can prompt one to turn to, I of Togliatti

Yuri Ivanov
What it is something in it, but there's one in particular helped some of these shots?

Madina Gamargad
several years I went with a heavy spine.Ne could sleep at night. In the morning it was hard to get up for nogi.Ne spilled. I was advised to friends who also went to the ukoly.Vot I went, and not a single session pozhalela.Za 6 thousand. First you have to make zapis.Na their number.

Timur Huseynov
And how much is the treatment?

Alice Shevtsova
I am a nurse with 40 years of experience, work related mainly to neurological patients who want to express to you doctor, deep gratitude to you for your indifferent, your talent, your excellent method, and a willingness to help lyudyam.Naskolko is important can be understood by people in the family who had patients with Parkinson's disease. You health and well-being !!!

Maqa Damirov
privet.Ya that for the method have not told

Googol youtube
I repeat disappointed with the reception, treatment, more effective advertising and nothing to regret.

Aleksandr Misharin
what this woman said about the well-being and new experiences after the procedure, I repeat after her exercise physical activity are engaged in constantly, regularly and at the same time ...

what protsedry made -elektroforez? or some other?

ME also helps electrophoresis

Natalia Kabachenko
All naive, remove the noodles from the ears!))

Sergey Rodshald
And what kind of procedure?

Where cure?

Andrei Ponomarenko
+ ReDECORation Krasnodar, 62 Tanning Clinic "NEVROLOGICA" neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko

Nastya Galkina
+ Andrei Ponomarenko as possible for you to sign up ??

Vera Krimya
Why do not you say what treat Yutuba star? I have a great pain in my leg, I do not know what to treat, and just watch Goulue useless, useless. Let's specifics.

Fox Fox
Hello! Tell me what kind of medication introduced? I also have a problem. Thank you.

Suvorova Tatiana
where the practice of this doctor?

Andrei Ponomarenko
Hello, we are in the city of Krasnodar.

In Moscow, a method who spends? The volume of each injection, and a concentration of dipyrone solution?

Nõgene viktor
Otshen interesno! Skazite pozalusta kakaja dozirovka analgina? Tshem i kak razvodit analgin?

World Iluminatov
sho those points can write it sho



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