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09 2016
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Strange name for a medical article site, is not it? If you're reading this, it means you are at least interested in our site, and I'll explain why this title, and I hope the information I want to share, will be useful to you.

People seeking help at the clinic can be divided into two groups. The first are the ones with whom to communicate easily and freely, mainly those with whom I am personally acquainted, often for many years, or their friends and relatives. Such patients are my friends, they know what comes between us full confidence, and therefore the results of the treatment have an order of magnitude higher than that of others. In this respect, I have always been pleased with the inhabitants of Chechnya, who come to us for treatment often come families. People who spend on the road for 10-11 hours, have a clear motivation, they know why go and observe a sick person overcome such distance is not easy, but faith and hope in the fact that to endure this way, they get rid of their ailments , gives them strength. With this belief in the success of treatment, and they get what they expect. And another feature of the Chechen people is their extreme patience, apparently this is the national character. The procedure, though brief, but painful, however, that men, women during the session never moan. And when you feel yourself to this trust and respect, the results of treatment are much higher than when no such relationship.

More illustrate the beneficial effect of great faith is the case three years ago. Before started this horrible and stupid war in Ukraine, patients come to us with almost all cities of Ukraine, both East and West. Now they are almost there, probably due to the fact that the closed border. So, we had spouses from Donetsk, and the woman's husband had brought for treatment with Parkinson's disease , he said; " As soon as we passed the border control and entered (by train) to the territory of Russia, I immediately felt better! ".

There are still people who come to the clinic and saw me smiling like an old friend, even though I do not know them. These are the people with whom I am familiar in absentia, who saw me on the videos that the site read, watched videos, and with them I also communicate easily. A consultation does not turn into hard work, and a friendly chat. At such moments, you experience a sense of satisfaction from the fact that it was not in vain spent four years on the creation of the site, in which about one hundred articles on different themes and more than 500 videos on our channelYouTube. Who were given a hard time, considering the fact that when a large number of positive results recorded on video, to capture these results agree only 2 of 10 patients.

There are still people who either do not own the Internet, it is, as a rule, older people, or in areas not already have one, or people of my age, but who do not like to sit behind the monitor, but they are genuinely interested in getting information and assistance . I'm way too I go to the internet, only, with specific objectives, and social networking sites, I do not like, because I think it's a waste of time. For such people, we released the book " The Russian method RANC ". This was my first experience, but I was pleased with the result, despite the fact that the small circulation of 1000 copies cost is very cheap, but the book was high-quality and even in the hands of its nice to hold. Here, such positive and good-natured people, which is so easy to communicate that back to work, you do not feel fatigue.

There is another category of people, which I do not blame them, but I understand and sympathize. These are people who are in a state of anxiety, which in one degree or another accompanies all diseases. Despite the fact that anxiety and alertness in them there is no hope for help, they want to receive, they would not have come to the clinic. By the way, people often do not realize that anxiety and depression often is associated with side effects of medications assigned to them, such as Madopar, lac, Stalevo. Anxiety is not only in itself interferes with life in general, but in particular to perceive any information. The brain is closed on itself and not only that such a person is not able to read the necessary information on the site, but also the advice of the patient recalls a conversation with someone speaking another language. He did, did not seem to hear, because instead of having to take the information transmitted to him at this time he cautiously tries to figure out where's the catch and where I had the hype. I try to be patient and do not be offended, but as you can tactfully and detailed answers to all questions of concern to the patient, because I know, people tend to come to me already bypassed a lot of medical institutions. Since such patients still came to me, so help him not affected, and moreover, if a person is sick is not the first year and, God forbid, he still managed to receive medical treatment anywhere in Moscow, Germany, or Israel, then the problem is aggravated by the so dumb question; " And who are you, compared with the Israeli professor who only consultation took with me 700 dollars? ". By the way, if a person comes to treatment, it is a mandatory consultation fee, I do not ask.

In addition to people with a history of doctors fill consciousness various Semi-Medical legends with which it is very difficult to fight. I do not want to enumerate them and articulate, because, in my opinion, virtually all of our medicine in addition to surgery and there is a large collection of myths and legends. And often people even take offense, I do not want to read a bunch of statements and conclusions, which they mined for years of "treatment" to which I reply that to me a lot more information will direct conversation with them personally than reading the paper, who wrote people who could not help them. It's logical, but still, some people are offended and I understood their feelings, they feel annoyed by the fact that my words are perceived as an allusion to the fact that they have wasted time and money. This is not the case and you should not be offended if I have to I look I needed paper, but if everything is obvious to me without reading the results of the extra assignments, I prefer not to waste any time.

Yes, here is, now people are desperate to see a doctor, gathering information on the internet, no doubt that it would be good if all the information was reliable. Unfortunately this is not true, and here it is often not even malice, and that the forums are sick people trying to share experiences among themselves, which is no better than the experience of formal therapy. The situation turns out; "The blind leading the blind." Excuse me, please, and do not think that I am trying to present themselves as the most intelligent, it is not, you just want to people who need help finding it as short as possible way. I have this personal interest, because my grandfather died of a stroke at age 57, and his father, being a doctor, died of a stroke at age 60. To disseminate useful information, we have created a free RANC Association, which comprised doctors applying RANC method . You know, sometimes, even though I got used already to this, patients say; but, because it (the illness from which he came) not treated! Previously, such statements put me stumped. Well, if you are convinced, in his incurable disease, why did you come? The logic of these statements is completely incomprehensible to me. But still, in most cases, and with this group of patients manage to find a common language, although sometimes for consultation takes an inordinate amount of time. There are times when, in spite of all of the patient are in any doubt, then I advise him not to go to the medical procedure and go home, check out the website and look at it reviews the patients and only then, come to think well to treatment.

And, here's another, about the videos that are posted on youtube channel, which is associated with the site. I understand that millions on youtube videos and clips of my 530 theme mixed with this mass can be perceived as another lie. Distrust and fear are often masked people of the arrogant, and, even cocky behavior. There was once such a test case when a patient consultation came and sat on the couch in the lobby, and perpetrate shaped me "interrogation" and any of my arguments and detailed explanations he told me to ask new questions, with sitting, with his legs crossed and smiling. Despite such impressive views of it just reeked of distrust and fear. The site he had not read, because it said it does not believe anything. He was a local, Krasnodar. I showed him a few clips of his subject, to which he replied; " I'll take twenty and thirty of his relatives and friends, pay them and they will tell all that I'll order them! ". I replied that my friends a bit, and relatives, and even less, and in addition, they must be good actors to play so convincing as people say on my roller skates. At this point, open the front door and a friendly smile, a woman comes and says; " Hello, Andrey Aleksandrovich. I am from Kazakhstan, has arrived to you in the second year . " Audacity mask with this patient fell off at once, and he said: "Well, everything went to shoot up."

This is not the sad case, there are unfortunately more strange encounter. One guy on reception came with a bundle of 30-35 years of surveys and statements. Communicating with thousands of people over time, acquire the ability during the first minutes of communication to identify psycho-human and thus choose the best style of communication with the patient.

Seeing this pack and view the desired extract, as well as taking account of his complaints, I realized that this is a banal syndrome panic attacks. I have thirty minutes trying to explain to him that his condition although very unpleasant, but not life-threatening and is well treated RANC method . However, he, like clockwork continually repeated; "Why me, no one can not diagnose why I can not help anywhere else? ". I how to deal more effectively and tactfully tried to explain to him that the diagnosis is not difficult and I can help him, that he had heard on the next question; "Why me, no one can make a diagnosis, and you just put? ". I said I did not know this and for the opinions of other doctors can not answer. By the end of the conversation I started to slightly dizzy, and he kept repeating; "Doctor, so what I have diagnosed me why no one can make a diagnosis? ". I listened to him and imagined that if I drove my car on a regular maintenance and would be so "to get" master mechanic? I have no doubt that he would have taken on a heavy wrench and swung and punched me to them "between the eyes" and goodbye to more and gave a good kick. Of course I can not do as an auto mechanic can do, so I told him to go home, everything is good to think about and if it is decided to be treated by me, then let him come and the problem will be solved. He left and the more I saw of him. It's for the best, because when the mind is in a "fog" of the treatment is better not to take, because for a while the fog can dissipate and the patient agrees to the procedure, but in any given haze may well clot that sin no end. This is the most important complication of my work to determine to whom I can help, and who does not. The situation is absurd, a man with a heavy defeat of the sciatic, the trigeminal nerve, or generalized epilepsy, I can help, if he has a positive attitude, another banal radiculitis I am not able to help, if he considers his sore most terrible disease in human history. Well, that's the guy only asked questions, but not required in such a state to proceed immediately to treatment and give him a guarantee one hundred percent recovery in one treatment session. It's funny to you? And I was not funny, after all, such patients rarely, but there are. They unfortunately have to refuse immediately and thank God that it happens infrequently.

At the end of this article, I want to say that people still reasonable and much more positive. Encountering these people own life becomes lighter, and full of meaning, which is often in moments of fatigue seemed lost.

Friends, though you are surrounded by bright people, and then the medicine will be less work.

Sincerely, neurologist Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko



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