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08 2016
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

I feel sorry for people who had been misled. I do not know, this is done intentionally or by mistake. Why do people get sick? Replies seemingly hundreds, however, if applied treatments are inconclusive, it is possible to think that these theories are fundamentally wrong. Were they correct it would give at least some result, but it does not happen, it means that they are not justified. Do not pretend to "absolute truth", but simply express my opinion, that should be subjected to fair criticism, if someone has a different opinion, I'll be glad to hear it and think about it.

In my opinion, the cause of disease is the loss of control over the brain functions of the body due to a disorder caused by the stress of his work. Our brain is in charge of all organs and body systems, including himself. In it, there are areas that are responsible for the normal functioning of the heart, liver, lungs, arms, legs, face, immune and hormonal systems. I often say so, to have no one system that is "controlled" say, or the moon Aldebaran of the constellation. Everything is controlled by our brains, which, according to Natalia Petrovna Bechtereva will never studied. This is certainly a sad sentence, but as always, there is one "but." You know what's inside your TV, car or cell phone? In most cases, I hear the word "no." And you use these things? Of course, I hear the word "Yes." Equal, and the brain. It is not known how it works, but we can use its capabilities for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones. This, if not a miracle?

I was often criticized and sometimes even threatened, however, focus on it, I do not pay. I dearly attention of the people close to me in spirit. At the same, which I do not understand and condemn, I try not to be angry, but invite them to friends. I will not say who I simply quote the words of the songs of Michael Krug. "Come to my house, my door is open, you'll sing songs and entertain with wine." I also want to touch a paradoxical theme that is close to me personally. Whatever it was caused by violation of the brain , manifests itself, it is all the same symptoms. Working a few years ago in an urban clinic, I noted this pattern. Now you will understand what I mean. That's guess what the diagnosis in a patient who presents here are the complaints.

"I have headaches, dizziness, and alone, but especially when walking up to the fact that walking I stagger on foot, like a drunk, that I was very confused and I try to look right, because with a light turn of the head, or yeah same eye towards me, "throws" until the fall. Yet I have insomnia and lack of appetite, constant anxiety attacks and fear of death. There is also a numbness of the hands, especially at night. Uncertainty when walking as if his legs do not obey, and you have to make an effort to just go. When a light excitement begin to shake hands and part of the head that bothers me, because the surrounding notice it, but I can not stop myself. There are sharp differences of pressure, but even if I "force down" high blood pressure pills, my condition did not improve. Yet I have a sore neck between the shoulder blades and lower back.

It can be described much more symptoms, but those that I have already described, are the most common. The disease does not choose the age and sex of the person, it is "decimated" all in a row. On the part of such a man, you would think that he really was drunk, but it is the opinion of a layman who can condemn a man with slurred and walking wobbly gait. But in reality, this person is just suffered a stroke, which he himself "did not order." Mercy and compassion, the holy quality, and condemnation is a grievous sin. You must love each other, then our life will be light and bright people make our world the way it should be.

Meeting with Tamara Lyazginoy brought into my life that needed light and it is not even the fact that she has accomplished much, and that she was very bright person. Even as a child I saw her delightful performances on TV, but can you imagine that, once the meetings and I can help her with it. Life is a wonderful thing, it can bring sorrow and disappointment, and can become brighter on one meeting with an unusual man.

Letter Tamara Makarovna Lyazginoy after the clinic visit "Nevrologica"

My dear rescuers - Andrey, Galina and Rimma Vartanovna!
Sorry I have not written once - it was a very hard road, with the spectacle of a terrible accident, which I, the person impressionable, then departed two days. And if not for your help, my trigeminal nerve would not let me go.
Thank you very much for your responsiveness, professionalism and kindness. You literally dragged me out of the terrible conditions and the unbearable pain that I suffered for four years. Your friendliness, patience, warmth, combined with effective treatment helped me from the very first day to refuse drugs that I had previously taken continuously (finlepsin, lyrics, etc.). I feel much better now, I try to gradually restore physical fitness classes.
I will never forget your cozy clinic, your wonderful staff and the care with which you treat all your patients. You are doing a great and noble cause.
Thank you very much
Your Tamara Lyazgina

sending you two of his drawings, which I did in those days, the first time in a long time again holding drawing. It is as if my card. Even sending autograph Vysotsky and his portrait, made the poet Andrei Voznesensky. He is said to have medicinal properties.

Reply letter A.A.Ponomarenko

Hello, Tamara. After receiving your letter, I felt a sense of true. Not only, that, I know you in absentia, when he lived in the city of Artyom, a suburb of Vladivostok and saw you on television 40 years ago, I never thought that, to meet you in person. No zainteressovannosti, except the desire to help a person. Do you understand me and do not judge. I'm sorry to call you with no middle name. It seems to me that, patronymic ages. Mahmoud Essanbaev zapreschschal call him by his patronymic, and said "What do you do, my Father, that You remember him? I will not yet say more, but just following the letter send a fantastic story, and I believe that you it will understand. I know. I love you. Andrei Ponomarenko. Sincerely.

Neurology, treatment method RANC, Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko



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