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Neurology. A new Russian method of treatment RANC


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12 2015
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

How to live, what to do, what it takes to be happy, you need to do and what not to do? Perhaps my question may seem idle, however, despite various criticisms, I do not consider it as such. He is the main one. For example, opening the eyes in the morning, you think, well, I am today, healthy or not? Like, healthy, and able to work, however, leading myself up after sleeping in the mirror you see that this is not true. I remember, the statement Ally Pugachevoy, that waking up in the morning and look in the mirror, you do not see yourself as beautiful and the best way would be. I can not say that I quote it, because for a long time read it, but I feel this is true. I am the way, where it is possible to achieve it and try to be leveled at the top. Mama told me when I brought home from school Deuces, "why are you?" And I answered her, "Mom, there are people worse than me," to which she told me, and you have to be leveled at the top. It is logical and to whom to be leveled in order to live decently?

Before, I did not live so when I was young, but now must comply with the rules are not set by me. My patient from Astrakhan said he did not have a written statement currently. Why should I be ashamed? If a child does not have any diseases assailed, would not seek the means of getting rid of them, and would not be found. I try to find an answer to your questions, which concern not only to me, but people close to me, how to live on. Putting efforts to maintain mental and physical balance is important not to lose a sense of proportion in this case, not to be a squirrel in a wheel. Work, home, work. Yes, it gives me real satisfaction, but also the forces takes quite a few, although it is not related to physical labor. Complain to the failure, when it brings your life assistance for thousands of people in different countries, but all the same as you move to the target new questions that require answers. Here, for example, people ask me why I decided to create RANC association ? After all, it is true that it would be rational to "untwist" itself than to share their experience with others. But it is also true that life without meaning is simply the existence and meaning, in my opinion, to make the world a better place to live. The smaller round of pain and sorrow, the brighter the sun shines, and when you meet like-minded people do not feel the meaninglessness of existence.

метод RANC - Биологическая обратная связьWhat diseases arise due to negative emotions is well known to everyone. As "delete" in the brain of stress traces left by using RANC method is now known to many. The next step should be to find a means to strengthen the nervous system once established, we are not very strong. Relatively human creation theory, I am inclined to think that it is closer to the truth than the theory of evolution, because only we have 26 genes that are not found in one animal on the planet, it is in view of the genes in all animals of the same type, but are located in different sequences. Those who created us probably were not very interested in the quality of their work, or, in fact, we come from a more comfortable world. So, anyway, but a way out of the situation we find ourselves, how to protect themselves from stress. This is our concern, and none of us does not fulfill this job. Many faced with people suffering from Parkinson's and having good results in its treatment method RANC I come to the conclusion that it is a neurodegenerative disease in only 10 patients. In support of this conclusion there are several arguments and these are the main ones. Every third patient did not help levodopa, if we compare the situation with the first type diabetes mellitus, when the dying cells of the pancreas produce insulin, you may notice a strange inconsistency. A person with diabetes, pick up an adequate dose of insulin, and the problem is solved, and in the case of Parkinson's according to my observations 35-40 patients dopamine drugs do not help. So not a single case in dopamine. The next argument is that the majority of patients during the examination on a tomograph neurodegeneration is not detected. And the third time, we have a lot of patients who are taking a monthly procedure significantly improved their condition, and even almost recovered. The matter is in the number of medical procedures and the time it will take care. We had of course "miraculous" healing cases 2-3 treatments, but they are quite rare 2-4 hundred applied, mainly treatment takes six months to a year and a half. Fortunately the procedure is rarely done 1 time in 4-6 weeks.

Why am I again raised the issue of Parkinsonism ? Because the example of this very common disease, we can keep track of what negative emotions are the cause, if the course will collect medical history carefully. And, what about the prevalence, then, in my opinion, in the early stages it hardly diagnosed due to many factors. Basically, it is an error in the theory of the causes of its origin, the legend that is the lot of the elderly population and lack of awareness of the existence of this disease, in connection with what people do not seek skilled care.

I believe that the way to solve the problem of reducing the stress load is not in search of new antidepressants and tranquilizers, and in the use of biofeedback in order to normalize brain rhythms that use military and intelligence agencies, as we do, and abroad. The problem is very urgent, but that the way to solve it is not yet found and introduced into medical practice, it does not mean that they are not. It's only a matter of time, most importantly, to know where to find them. Biofeedback.

At the end of the article, I want to say that biofeedback will solve many problems. If intelligence services use it for their own interests, why do ordinary people do not take advantage of the progress brought by us? These opportunities are there and they are obvious. They are Wang said, will come from Russia. Casey American visionary of Russia said, look it up yourself. Edvard Keysi of Russia.

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