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08 2014
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Really, of who we are? Blue-eyed, fair-haired, tall, intelligent, noble, with a mysterious soul people. Is it true? Would be ideally, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to offend those, who have an opposite opinion.
Eugenics. Have you heard about it? I thought of this science or quasi-science, it’s difficult to define, but unfortunately everything is logical. Our Russian teacher from Ryazan named Tsiolkovsky gave the idea. The main point of this idea is only worthy, tall, beautiful, blue-eyed, generous people should live on the Earth. He dreamed of interplanetary flights and this dream made him famous. He said, that other planets will be opened by such light people. And do you remember who picked up his idea? If you have forgotten, I'll remind, though, I don’t want to think of him. It was Adolf Hitler. He decided to "grow" ideal people "Aryans": tall, blond, blue-eyed. He should look at himself in the mirror, well, just a true ARYAN. These ideas are not serious. By the way, such experiments also made our King Peter the Great and failed. He gathered in villages big, tall, beautiful men and women to get the same offspring from them. It would be nice, but King Peter did not hear about genetics, but we do.
I do not believe him. I believe my groupmate from India Mercy Gladstone, who told me that she came from the South of India, but in the North of this country and "up to the center of the country live Aryans." She said, "We southerners are small people with dark skin, and in the North of the country leave people who came from the North. It happened a long time ago and the reason is unknown. They are light-skinned, blue-eyed and tall people. We call them the Aryans and they say they came from Siberia. " I say what I heard personally. Hitler got something wrong. I think he lied, because he wanted to be of this kind but he wasn’t. One actor, who played the role in eponymous movie Chapaev, said: " don’t hang on other people's fame!". I believe more Mercy Gladstone than Adolf Hitler. I have more reason to trust the Vedas, than people, who’d come to nothing on the whole and committed such a universal evil.

I apologize for being so emotional, but what should I do if I talk about it? Back to the article. “RUSSIANS, who we are?”. Who am I? Are they blue-eyed “ rogues” ? Far from it, we are different. They are people, who take care not only of themselves, think not only about “green”, but about justice. Every person can be RUSSIAN. Nationality plays no role. The East has only money in head, but money does not guarantee peace in soul. We always knew it and defeated them. Sorry for them.
Who are the RUSSIANS?
Who am I? My great-grandfather named Procopius Kalantaryanu was a Rumanian or Moldovan and lived in Moldova. My great-grandmother named Matrona Luchenetska was Polish. They died a long time ago, and I never saw them, but heard from stories from my grandmother. They gave a birth to my grandmother Anna Kalanterenko. Her name is Ukrainian, because the Communists started to rename people in their own way. My great-grandfather Kalantaryanu Procopius was called to the First World War. He was not lucky and he was captured by Germans very soon. He spent three years in a POW camp and then they leaved him, and great-grandfather returned home. His wife Matrona blamed him, said "Other people brought trophies of war, but you brought only lice." I think that she was not right. As I know it was not his wish to go to war, away from his family and children. Did he ask them to take him in German captivity to spend some years in concentration camp? Who led them, who was the captured regiment's commanding officer? Now it’s difficult to find out, as well as discover, if this person survived after these cases. Most likely, it was a young officer, maybe a little older and probably he also had no luck in this meat grinder.
I can’t say who was my other great-grandfather, just there no more people who knew that, but I remember my great-grandmother personally. Being a little boy I hardly understood what she said, because she spoke Ukrainian. Dad told me that her husband was a Red Cossack and fought against “the Whites in the civil war." That time I thought it was an advantage, and was proud of my great-grandfather. Now, unfortunately, I do not think so, because I believe that a civil war is very great sorrow and sin. I would not imagine even in most horrible nightmare the things happening in the Ukraine nowadays, it’s a nonsense, when brother kills brother. I treated a man from Lugansk and showed him a video made a year earlier of a good man, an officer from Kiev Ukrainian army, whom I helped. I said to him, "Here is your fellow-countryman," but he answered, «Kyivans are not our brothers any more."It hurts my feelings, but I understand why he said so, because this man was forced to leave his land, take his wife and daughter, leave elderly parents there and run. For a man it’s a shame and grief, which will hardly be expelled from his soul even till the end of life. Therefore, because of his disability in current situation, he’s feeling indignant at his brothers. It is also unfair, but we have to accept it. The human psychology has its borders. It has a limit. My other great-grandfather was a Ukrainian named Cherednichenko and came also from the Ukraine. Here, from Poles and Romanians comes an Ukrainian woman Anna, my grandmother, who married my grandfather Alexander Cherednichenko. They are my relatives on the maternal side, my father's side relatives were Cossacks from Chernihiv.

When the Communists started to dispossess the kulaks, my great-grandparents fled the Ukraine, although he was not a scoundrel and a coward, as I told above, he was called to army. After his return from captivity they began to “flee."
They ran and ran from the Communists, and ran up to the town Ahtyubinska in Kazakhstan. Grandmother told me that they had a camel, but there were wolves in ruined houses in a village, which wanted to attack the camel. Then the Communists arrived to Kazakhstan, my great-grandparents had to run further and ran up to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur. They lived there 10-15 years. Then a trouble happened again and they ran to Artem (a town near Vladivostok), where they lived their days, where my parents were born, where I was born. Their story can seem romantic and sad at the same time. Great-grandfather came home after some of his work and found his beloved dead. She had scolded and blamed him, but through it all, he couldn’t stand her death, just laid down on the bench in the same room where she was and died. They were buried on the same day, like in a fairy tale, two coffins in one grave. What an "unthinkable" story. As it so happens, everyone has a similar story.

So, who are the RUSSIANS? AM I RUSSIAN you think? As a whole, yes. Because I hope that I have this spirit of justice in all things. This is RUSSIAN. This is not a nationality, but a way of life and way of thinking. We can be different, have any appearance, any ethnic name, but if you have the spirit of civilization, then we are the one. We were called, RUSSIANS. Well, were just called, I'm not ashamed, but proud of wearing the honored name of RUSSIAN. No I am not Russian by birth, but by what I said. Was Pushkin Russian? Was Catherine II RUSSIAN? Was Bagration Russian? Maybe La Perouse was RUSSIAN? Didn’t the Armenians, the Chechens, the Uzbeks, the Tajiks, the Belarusians, the Ukrainians do their military service in the Soviet Army? What about Latvian shooters? The Lithuanians, the Estonians and the Poles are my family. We are PEOPLE and there’s no need to divide us. Those, who don’t like it, can be shared, but I like it and I do not want to share. I have friends and relatives in different countries and cities, so I do not understand stupid prejudices. I can’t understand why a Jew is better or worse than a Lithuanian or Uzbek. Who was Avicenna ? Avicenna was Jew, or Lithuanian. This genius was Uzbek, so maybe it's time to stop mutual hatred and humiliation. It's time to show our love that we have inside. I will not continue. The RUSSIANS are those, who look for truth and find it. We are RUSSIANS, there a lot of us and we do not have any nationality. We love people. We love each other. We have the truth and we will be the first.

"The highest and the most characteristic feature of our people - a sense of justice and the desire for it"
Fedor Dostoevsky

« If there are clatter and chatter about Russia’s leadership mania and expansionist lust, it means that any West European empire is preparing ruthless foreign land grab».
Ivan Aksakov




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