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04 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Having decided to hit the target from any firearms, the shooter knows that there will be "recoil." This means that the bullet flying out of the gun necessarily hit the arrow in the shoulder with the same force with which it enters the goal (excluding the weight of the weapon).

And what does medicine have in common man asked me with some sort of pain of suffering from something? That what this article is about. Before writing an article I think for a long time, because any word can hurt. My goal is not making any kind of harm, but on the contrary, to share my observations and experience, I hope I can help people avoid those diseases which can be avoided, and which others have already escaped. It is not necessary to experience everything. In addition, the article is not only for patients, but also for doctor doctors. I'm not going to teach anyone, I just want to tell you about what we are not teach and what many people do not know yet. In your opinion, why doctors are often rude and cold in their work, though they must show by the standard sympathy and attention? And why are they not young doctors? And why good doctors often drink too much, or even take drugs, like well-known for everybody the author of "The Master and Margarita," Mikhail Bulgakov, who was not only a brilliant writer but also was a good doctor, devoted to his profession? Why?

Of course you can easily get simple and banal answers to all these questions, such as doctors are bad people though it will not be true, and it will not help us in any way. I just want to explain in this article the link between negative emotions and health, from the position of NEVROLOGIKA.

This behavior is explained by psychologists, physicians as a “burnout” syndrome. it is simply popular. Man is designed for certain mental stress, excess of which leads to sustained disorders in the brain functioning and the body as a whole. Any job that gives a person a stress greater than his natural ability can cope with inevitably gets him into a state of disease. I call everything what we do as work. You can be a housewife who takes care of a child, waits a wealthy husband from his work, but it will not save you from stress and illness, if you have disturbing thoughts. Often after uncomplicated childbirth women get chronic diseases such as back pain, blurred vision, dental problems, vascular dystonia. Why is this happening since the delivery was normal? The answer is simple. Because the anxiety about the potentially dangerous event has caused persistent failure of the regulatory systems of the brain. There were no complications in labors but negative emotions have done their dirty work and all kinds of illnesses can accompany a woman for the whole life. However, it would so, if we did not have the opportunity to "reset" the brain by the method of RANC. I'm a little bit distracted from the "burnout" but forgive me, please I couldn’t not to talk about the topic because the main purpose of the article is to show with the examples the llink between of negative emotions and disorders. Everybody knows the saying that "all diseases come from nerves" but who uses it in order to be healthy? That's what this article is about and not only about that of course, I just want to tell you about the "kickback" from different sides.

Syndrome of "Burnout" is when the person takes more work than he is able to deal with intuitively "closes" from patients. Unfortunately, we are not taught about it and if we were taught, many of the illnesses could have been avoided. I found it by accident. When I first felt that after the duty on the ambulance I began to feel abnormal, I started looking for an answer to this. I began to ask questions doctors and paramedics who worked with me, what happened with me? I could not figure out why I feel so bad after a shift. Most of them sneered and told me that I am young and when time passes, I will feel better. And I was surprised by this answer as it was not the answer, they were cynical jokes. After that I realized that this is not cynicism, Iwas just speaking with "burned out" doctors. I did not like them and also the way they talked to me. The same transformation happened to me very soon, two years later, when I wa given a choice between being closed from patients by “bulletproof frosted glass "and did not hear or see their pain any more, or go forward without the shield. I do not know if you understand me, more likely you do if you are reading now. I refused an "armored glass" and decided to live without it because it interferes with my profession. This profession involves constant development, and if you are closed with the "shield", the development will stop.

Now I'm going to talk with only allegories, but I hope that you will understand me, because firstly it is easier to explain everything with easy language than with terms, and secondly you, those who come to this site, I consider as my friends who need what I'm talking about and who will forgive me for the inevitable mistakes.

How I learned about the "burnout syndrome"? In 2001, I saw a lot of "miracles" from the using a method of treatment that a year ago I gave a name the "method of RANC”. Somehow I did not want it to lose, I wanted to leave it for everybody, because if I do not tell you, no one will know that there is the law of physiology, that we have "brain maps" where the points correspond to parts of the brain that have disorders in their work. How to do make it not disappear? So I decided to patent it and not take money from those who dare to take advantage of this, in fact that remains for everyone. There are so many sick people medical busness is booming. I'm not against business, but if you take the money, you must give something in return. Business must be honest, it is our Russian feature - to be spiritual. We actually live worse than others with all our abilities and opportunities, but WE give the world a lot, I'm not talking about Dostoevsky, ballet and nuclear missiles, it is commonplace. I am a patriot of Russia, but I will never despise Uzbeks and Tajiks who hurt me in the Soviet Army and who are now in our country second-class citizens. Skinheads is the invention of Europe and I despise it. You should not be vindictive and mean, it's not a Russian trait. Once again, I dive in the "lyrics", but I can say that I am proud of my country and my countrymen who brought and bring goodness into the world. Being Russian is usually difficult, because we go first. And when there were times when we felt good? Fat and small Holland even 200 years ago during Peter the Great times lived in peace and still satisfyed today. Maybe it is good there, but I will never go there. It's beautiful, there's even a "first aid" for the animals, when for example a swan suddenly in the canal of Amsterdam choke on something, but I still do not want to go there. People do not close curtains on the windows from neighbors to see that you ok at home, where a mother can not come to a son without anotice. And there are many miracles and I know what I am talking about, I have a brother who lives in Amsterdam for 10 years,, but I do not want to.

Why we Russians do not love ourselvesso much? Who invented the television? It was invented by our engineer Zworykin, though in America the conditions ware established. By the way, what helicopter the U.S. army uses? Helicopters called "Sikorsky". Did you know that in 1906 the "advanced aircraft engineer" proved with mathematical calculations that "the airplane weighing more than a ton can not fly." I do not know maybe in RUSSIA noody knew it but in 1913 RUSSIAN plane "Ilya Muromets" weighing 8 tonswas created. The speed was of course quite small, about 90 km away per hour but the Emperor Nicholas II had the opportunity to go out on the front balcony and smoke a Cuban cigar, while his daughter and later killed wife were sitting in the cabin on nice sofas.

Three days ago on the Internet on YouTube I saw a funny movie that major bribetakers are doctors and teachers, and some official said that one out of five prisoned for bribetaking is a doctor. I do not know what to say about it. Murdered Talkov sang that he will rise again but he wants to live in a country not of fools but of geniuses. We have such a country, a country of GENUISES. And again, by the way, and you know that geniuses are punished? The head of the space program Korolev was got out of the camp in Siberia, where he was needed. Have you heard about the aircraft TU?. So, the engineer and designer Tupolev was also spending time in the camp and the prison. Poet TANICHfor sentenced for nnothing, even Alla Pugacheva bought his songs, he even named his band "Lesopoval".

That's politics, and so it carries on. Now they say that in Russia many polititians steal from the budget. Of course stealing and should be punished, but it was worse, and for some reason we are still alive. When this was worse? Yes, you guess right, Menshikov, the prime minister of Peter the Great was beaten because he managed to steal three annual budgets of Russia though he was uneducated. What the people were in our time!

But i got distracted again. I want to talk specifically about the "kickback".

When you do nothing, you do not feel anything, except your insignificance. One day I have read in the book the words of Confucius’s wife that a person has attained 40 years of age and has not attained the material well-being, there is an empty man. When I had read it I was 37, but I felt myself that in 3 years I will be an empty man. It may not be worth paying attention to the words of Confucius, but I think he knew what he was talking about, so I listened to him. I can’t say that I listened to someone in my life, because such "obedience" carries different things. If in my life there was a man who knew how to do everything, then I would go for it without hesitation as we are followed by our beloved children up to a certain age, until they see that we are not smarter than they are. There is not usually such a person. Women are always looking for a husband who will figure uot all the problems but what men can do? It is generally difficult for men, there is not anyone to complain to.

Yes, troubles sometimes happen. Once away I got from the topic "Kickback". Now I had a feeling as if I saved it specifically "for a dessert." Of course not, I just hoped somehow in one article to combine several themes. Believe me, it's not because of greed and the economy, it just seemed to me that these issues do not live separately. "Recoil". What is this? As I said, this is a very heavy blow on the shoulder during the shot, the bullet flying out of the barrel leaves a direction all their energy impact, which will take the enemy. If you shoot with a machine gun, then these constant attacks will leave large bruises on his shoulder (on which you can easily calculate the shots). Why do I say this again? I just want to go back to the characteristics of the medical profession. Imagine yourself, you're sitting in an office, and somebody unfortunate, and usually angry, resentful comes in and often begins to "pour" his complaints and problemson you. And you have decided not to put a "bullet-proof shield” between him and you in order to be able to listen to problems. And you bear it and did not close, so in order not to "burn out" you have to do only one "shot”.. An experienced doctor can use one shot and does not like to do repetitive ones, because each "shot" has its “recoil“, after which the bruises on the soul are left.

The sad picture is painted by me, however, it is unfortunately true. Founding the clinic, I was hoped that people will come to me, who believe me and who I can help without feeling "recoil". Every patient who has doubts and comes with fear, who has problem-beast that I have to hit accurately with one shot, takes away part of my soul, and at the end of the day I'm exhausted, though I'm not digging a trench during the day. And when I look at another man, I just think: there will be not enough power of "My Machine Gun" to kill all of his animals. It is sad and another important thing is that neither he nor I are here to blame. Of course, I suspect what is our fault, but do not tell you in this article, because this turned out strange. I wanted to say that our experiences and our doubts cause diseases, but apparently today is not the day. Again sentimental talk came out.




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