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04 2012
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Why are three different diseases in one group? The one cause unites them. It won't be mentioned, if it could not be influenced. Fortunately, the situation is quite the opposite.

Heart attack, epilepsy, spinal disk herniation.
Lifespan and quality of life depend on normal brain function. Every single disease is just a reflection of one of brain centers dysfunction. Powerful activating influence can be exerted through global neural network called reticular formation. Such an influence expand on every brain region or center and change their work

This method is unknown yet and seems to be nonexistent since can't be realized through a medicamental treatment which is the only way to affect the organism so far. The discovery of close functional connection between trapezius and reticular formation gives a possibility to exert such influence through those structures that have to do it normally. Short but sharp pain from injections in particular trapezius parts triggers powerful and continuous recovery process of damaged organs and systems functions. This method can be used not only in emergency treatment, but also for chronic diseases.
1. There are no separate diseases, its diversity is the reflection of malfunctions in central regulatory systems.
2. Failure in regulatory system occurs because of the external influence which exceeds these systems compensatory abilities.
3. Recovery of neural brain centers functional activity is possible by means of stimulating the brain stem reticular formation through the accessory nerve.

Vladimir Turchinskiy could have avoided the death, if RANC treatment had been carried out (The Restoration of the Activity of Nerve Centers). I liked this man and his death deeply affected me.
It pains to see other people die when they could have been saved and the worst thing is that he is not alone. There are even more famous and wealthy people who suffer heavy losses, not to mention ordinary people deaths, that shocked only relatives and neighbors. Such inexplicable deaths frighten and overwhelm. The worst thing is that not only laymen are puzzled, but also doctors. The reason in imperfection and incompleteness of knowledge we are given (by doctors), inaccessibility of answers to our questions, so they have to be found by ourselves.

Young, physically strong man who never complained about his health, especially like Vladimir Turchinskiy was, considered as invulnerable. When a tragedy strikes, the causes are trying to be found and a muddle of things is made. In Turchinskiy case everybody accepted the fact that he was killed as if by physical exercise and mystical plasmapheresis procedures, although this opinion is incorrect. As well as the suggestion that Roman Trahtenberg died due to drug abuse. Nobody can explain the Alexiy Cherepanov cause of death, he was a hockey player in Avangard club in Omsk and died in 2008 while merely benching when his heart stopped. Bad state of heath or forbidden drugs is definitely not the reason, since sportsmen are thoroughly checked up and such club as "New York Rangers" (Alexiy had to be playing for it) would never sigh a contract with untrustworthy player.

neurologist A.A.Ponomarenko




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