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Neurology. A new Russian method of treatment RANC


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12 2016
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

RANC method. Recover control, eliminate the disease.

From the site to my email often get letters with similar issues. The main theme of these questions - whether there is an opportunity to help by RANC, when, how a particular disease . The idea of a man to get rid of various diseases by restoring the normal central regulation is not new, just the way its implementation has so far been ineffective. RANC method of treatment, based on the restructuring of the brain activity towards the restoration of its functions to the optimum level, by acting on the reticular formation makes it possible to deliver the people from various diseases. The fundamental difference of this method from other treatment methods traditionally used at present is its focus on the restructuring of the functional activity of nerve centers, rather than trying to have an isolated effect on individual organs and systems.

Sounds tricky maybe, although I try to use specific terms as little as possible. If we are really in a simple way, it is possible to say so; method of task recovery of activity of the nerve centers RANC (of The Restoration Of the Activity Of Nerve Centers) is to force the brain to work so well that he began to manage the body well. Then the illness arising from the fact that a malfunctioning brain can not cope with the body on their own will, when the brain is fully operational. And the theoretical approach, which is used today, in my opinion, is wrong, and proof of this is the lack of significant progress in the treatment of almost all diseases. Attempts have been made to treat everything individually, and they regularly fail. Why? I explain a simple example. Here, for example, take the person's hand. What kind of specialists are engaged in her treatment for different diseases? If you have a skin disease ( eczema, fungal infection, streptoderma ), it will deal with a dermatologist, in addition, more and infectious diseases can connect. With the defeat of hand joints (rheumatoid arthritis), it will deal with a rheumatologist. Treat numbness in hands and impaired muscle function is considered to be a neurologist care, and if there will be itching and redness of the skin associated with allergies, including the hands, then this problem will be solved allergist. Eczema, fungus steptodermiya rheumatoid arthritis and immune-related disorder, and allergic with dysfunction of hormonal system, the higher the center of which is controlled by the pituitary higher cortical and subcortical centers. Providing a direct impact on these centers and leading them to a normal level of activity by the method RANC we gain the opportunity to remove the cause of all of these diseases at once. If you take the anatomical atlas and open it there, where it is shown the hand device, we can see that the parts of which it consists are shown on different pages. One page shows the arm bones, the muscles on the other, the third vessels (and arteries and veins separately), and on the fourth nerves. This is something that can be subject to pathological disorders. Of course, this artificial division of hands on the part of its components is very useful for the study of its devices, but will not do the practice, which focuses on the treatment of any one of the constituent parts of the hand. It is simply impossible to do either theoretically or practically. However, for lack of anything better, this practice exists currently. The phrase "for lack of a better" does not mean that this is the "best" is not. RANC method is an alternative theoretical and practical approach that allows to solve the problems that are now trying to solve a few specialists narrow profile. It is unfair to say that their attempts to completely fruitless, it is not so, otherwise these professions would not exist. We are talking about something else. How effective is the treatment? If neschem compared, it can be considered quite acceptable, we are now witnessing, but when you compare it with the results RANC method, this comparison is not in favor of the current therapy has a very low efficiency. I am sure that it will take some time and will be replaced by new technology obsolete. So always happens, as the saying goes "Better - the enemy of good." Such examples can be brought in relation to the other parts of our body, but I am not going to do it repeatedly, because I hope the above well illustrates the difference between medicine exists today and tomorrow's medicine. It exists now, in parallel outdated and outgoing, but not yet taken its place, although this process goes on, albeit unobtrusively. I went for the fifth year, both on the Internet published the theoretical foundations and practical results of RANC method. I am very pleased that I was a lot of like-minded people who are looking in that direction. Engage in interesting and useful, to share experiences, learn new things, it makes life meaningful. Yesterday I was in the e-mail came another letter. There are a lot of topics that are not covered on the site, and I realized that it is necessary to write. At first I was surprised, when telling people about the causes of diseases, gave examples of other people with other diseases, I often heard in reply - " But, because I do not have such a disease, I have a very different! ". Or here's a situation where a person says that reviewed the entire site, but did not find him in reference to his illness and asked - "And you treat this disease?". Such questions are often, though, the fact that the site has all the information, the questions do not end there. Now I will try to explain in a different way. Today's medicine, as I said earlier, trying to treat everything individually, but, unfortunately, does not work. This is the same as that on the big garbage dump to find the most - the most disgusting and littered the dirtiest place, then putting a lot of effort to try to turn it into a paradise. It does not, and even if they succeed, it is still around will be a huge garbage dump, and oasis in the middle of the heap does not make it better. If we decided to make it a pleasant place, it is necessary to restore order everywhere, without exception, because even a small section of the trash pristine landscaping will spoil the whole look. About RANC method can be said modestly. This method is not directed to the treatment of some specific symptoms of certain diseases. His goal to restore normal brain function. Since all diseases arise from improper operation, then there is no need to set cunning, unintelligible diagnoses and say that it's a disease, and that's what they say, and another to treat it should be otherwise. All this is not so. All diseases (excluding infectious) have the same cause, and accordingly must be treated so as to eliminate this cause. RANC unusual method that treatments for different diseases are performed the same way, the only difference is in the number of points of impact and the number of treatment sessions, and the area to which this effect is, it is the muscles of the back, where these points are.

Compression fracture.

Yesterday an email I received a letter, and when he answered, he decided to write the answer in great detail, then to include it in one of the articles, because this issue is not on the site. It is obvious to me that no importance is not the name of the disease, because RANC method eliminates the cause of any disease, if not come irreversible organic disorders. And it is important for patients to know that their illness is treated by this method and, therefore, will describe various diseases and painful conditions. Today will be the topic:

The consequences of a compression fracture of the spine.

The letter, which I received did not edit, just put the email address and IP address, not to make public domain personal data addressed to me, man. Who will be a letter, and below is my response to him, which I sent to Alexey.

Alex - 12.8.2016 1:46

Good afternoon! My mother was a compression fracture poschvonochnika. Now a lot of pain. Shishido on painkillers. It is possible and whether it is necessary eey do this procedure and take a course?

Hello, Alex. Yes, the presence of pain is a direct indication for RANC method. No matter what causes the pain, the mechanism of its origin and structure of the brain in which it is formed, is always the same, just turn on the system can a variety of factors. RANC does not act on the very pain which can be localized in different parts of the body, and its cause - the nerve centers in which it is formed. This does not mean that after the therapeutic effects will not occur the normalization of metabolism and structures damaged when a part of the body. There will also be induced order, when the normal flow of impulses will come from the brain. Sometimes even so, when a person is injured as a result I lost an arm or a leg, but the pain in the absence of the knee, or wrist may persist for years. These pains are called phantom. At the time of injury, brain mobilized and remained thereafter in an excited state. Knee is long gone, and it hurts, because that part of the brain responsible for the knee is preserved, and that the child develops and persists excitement which is the cause of the pain. RANC method aims to return the nervous system in the normal state of the former, which was before the occurrence of the disease.

Compression fracture may be caused by the fall, when the vertebrae are broken under the influence of body weight or may be spontaneous, without falling, as a result of osteoporosis (calcium elution from the bones as a result of metabolic disorders), the bones become fragile and may break with little physical exertion . Fracture eventually consolidated, but the pain can persist for a long time because of the inclusion process, which I have written before that. Here one more thing that is important, applying RANC (recovery of activity of the nerve centers), we do not just remove the cause of the pain, but by acting on the brain structure responsible for the metabolism, and we eliminate the causes of osteoporosis. Well, it is in your particular case, but in general this method because of its versatility can be used to treat a wide range of diseases.

Alex, you did not say when he was a fractured and under what circumstances, well, it basically does not matter. Treat it as possible, not only in the acute phase (half - two months after the fracture) occurs when its consolidation (merging). Do not be confused that the answer to your short letter a detailed, easy people tend to ask similar questions, and all individually answer is not easy, so such detailed answers to the letters I then use when writing articles website to make this information publicly available, and do not write separately to each patient short obscure answers. Particularly compression fractures of the article on the site there, so that this answer you will just be the basis for a new one. Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.

The next article will focus on the kidneys and opportunities RANC method in their treatment.

Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.



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