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12 2016
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

Lyudmila Surkova Saulovna I met January 13, 2009. I then worked in the Krasnodar city polyclinic № 14 neurologist. Her daughter asked me to visit her mother at home, because she was not two weeks to 90 years, and in addition, it does not get out of bed and come to the clinic can not. I think that you understand what feelings I was experiencing. Thoughts were many and very often some joyless and the main one was; "Well, what can I help you?". However, ending the reception in the clinic, I went to their house. More about this case, I wrote in the article site " chronic brain ischemia ," so I will not repeat, and write briefly about what surprised me then and surprises so far.

After the sudden death of her eldest daughter Ludmila Saulovna suffered terrible stress and almost fell into unconsciousness. She then lived in Moscow, she was hospitalized, but could not completely withdraw from this state. The youngest daughter taken away by her to his home in Krasnodar. The doctors of the Moscow city hospital number 6 at discharge diagnosed her "chronic cerebral ischemia." Fortunately he was wrong. Medical errors, paradoxically often are a boon. Medicine has still not reached the peak of perfection can not claim to ultimate truth. Therefore, any diagnosis can be subject to doubt, and it's not only fair, but just fine, so there's a chance! Can you imagine what would happen if there was no medical errors? Set, for example, a fatal diagnosis, and all the "concert is over," and now we have to hope that all is not lost, and look for other professionals. If only the other was a good diagnostician. Going into her room, I saw that she was lying in bed and almost does not react to others. I asked for a statement from the hospital, looking at that to see that the treatment was carried out "in full" and had nothing to add. Then I suggested to her daughter perform Lyudmila Saulovna RANC procedure . Long time to persuade her it was not necessary, and she agreed at once, and no wonder, because in Moscow, it is nothing more than has already been done, could not offer. Now I immediately envision your skeptical phrase - "Come on, while Germany, Switzerland, China, and Israel, where the doctors stupid?" . No, not stupid, but the diagnostics and treatment standards are the same everywhere. The only difference in the comfort level, both in hotels and in the price of the service, and the result is everywhere the same. So that on the contrary, it is I would need to persuade, but that at that time the need was not there. Looking at the wonders that creates RANC method , I was completely convinced that much damage I s definitely not done. I do not remember exactly how many injections I did it, something about thirty. I left, and she remained lying in bed. It was certainly some excitement, but without him in my profession can not do, rather, it is possible to do, but it seems to me that if your patient, I'm not going to experience any feelings, I have nothing. I do not specifically wind the self, just that there is no need to try to get rid of feelings of empathy, and they just take it for granted. Just take and then it becomes easy.

A few days later the daughter Ludmila Saulovna came into my office and asked to write my mother a prescription for sleeping pills. You can imagine my joy and surprise when she said that her mother the next day woke up healthy, as before, but now it's only a dream is broken. I wrote a sleeping pill and visited their house to see for himself what happened a couple of days. Of course, I did not expect to see my patient in his 90 years there will be a bunny hop around the room, and so it was not. Just when I entered, I saw that Lyudmila Saulovna sitting at a table by the window and writes something in a notebook. We greeted each other, and she told me that feels good, that's just not a very good sleep. Then she gaily, jokingly pomarshirovala the room under the present general laughter, and I wrote it on the video. Sorry this entry is not available, but in the memory of her I kept. I still can not get used to the effectiveness RANC method, although doing this for over 17 years.

Then I met her almost three years later. She accidentally tripped and fell broke her hip. Usually after this injury (which usually happens in the elderly) people lie in bed and a few months later die from congestive pneumonia. But this is not the case. Lyudmila Saulovna learned to walk with a cane and a walker on his false joints, and not only on a smooth floor, but going up and down the second floor of a two-story house. And they called me to treat leg pain not related to the former fracture. Then I also made two videos, which you can see by clicking on these links:

Held in the spring of 2016, we saw again, this time for the treatment of weakness in the legs. I will not talk a lot, just look.

My daughter Anna and a half months will turn 16 years old, and she was friends with granddaughter Lyudmila Saulovna while parents this summer not taken her with him to New Zealand, the home of her father, Greg. Anne brought me a letter from Lyudmila Saulovna that I decided to publish on the site, to tell you what wonderful, there are cases. The fact that Lyudmila Saulovna mastered the computer and since then has been an active network user in 90 years, writes stories and places them on different resources.Here is her story of her childhood.

In late summer, I published the materials of this site as a book , and a copy given her. And suddenly my Anya brings this letter. I decided to publish it on the site to show that in 98 years you can be a person with a clear mind and good character, in spite of the carry-forward in the life of trouble. This is a letter I did not edit, publish it as is. I am often asked - "And there are no age restrictions for use RANC method?" . As you can see - NO!

But the letter itself.

Sincerely Andrey Aleksandrovich Ponomarenko.



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