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Neurology. A new Russian method of treatment RANC


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09 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

The policeman waved his wand, telling me to pull over and stop, that's what I did. I did not break any rules so already knew what is going to happen. He would say something like "Operation called "the tired driver" or even come up with some fantastic excuse to justify the stop of an vehicle outside the post without any reasons or violations of the law. But I was completely wrong.

This inspector did not even think to create anything. To my question "What happened ? "He replied, not being embarrassed at all," Usual check of the documents" and tryed to lean over? Tried to get near my head and then he took took a deep breath with his nose, trying to pretend that he didn't do it. This is similar to what drunk people do with a breathalyzer, but on the contrary, they are trying not to breathe but trying to pretend that they are breathing out. For some reason, it doesn't look funny, but it's somehow unpleasant. Taking this examining breath, the inspector did not stop to monitor closely the expression of my face. The keen interest in his eyes after inhaling disappeared. "Did you drink yesterday or the day before?" it was a question out of the habit more than out of a true professional interest.

Today is 10th May and his hope can be understood. "Not yesterday or the day before yesterday, not even a gram" – it was my honest response. Then, after glancing at the driving licence in my hands, he asked without disappointment and even somehow respectfully "Are you going to work or on holiday? ". Now I proudly replied, "No, going to visit to my mother-in-law" which also was the absolute truth. "Good luck," he said to me as usual as it wesn't for me myself or someone else, as if he was repeating the order, then suddenly said, "Drunken are needed."

I suppose you would agreee with me that there is nothing else when you get into troubles and getout of it easily, with calm heart or conscienceespecially when you know that in your words and actions there aren't even a hint of lie? After finishing a conversation with an inspector, I should get a halo shine because in a heart pride in his own righteousness probably appear, but in the face of condescension malevolent half-smile which to complete the picture of complete happiness, you had to show a halo with the inspector before they leave. So, probably, it must have happened, but why instead I got a nasty tremor of the hands, when I took out and showed him documents that might not show if we are to be the absolute champion of the letter of the law. Why do I have another fifteen minutes an unpleasant feeling of internal tremor and some unfortunate lightness in the body, which made it difficult to drive?

Stress, where did it come from since I was as pure as glass and even in theory I should have been proud and happy. Who I should be is deciding a stupid part of my brain stuffed with stereotypes and calling itself consciousness. It's such a small nasty and evil dwarf who sits on the subconscious trying to control it.

According to consciousness, my joy must have been limitless, but against my will, against the will of my mind, the wave of autonomic responses appeared. What caused this reaction? I do not what you think, but I can explain their occurence only by an unpleasant feeling that Ifelt when I was sniffed at, when the policeman was determing if I can bring something valuable determine. Exactly at this point the tremor occured, though i didn't feel a fear or disgust too, I was just annoyed, I suppose. I want to say that my consciousness has nothing to do with this, his brain and the body reacted as they should have reacted, and the brain did not care for what I think or should think.

Where am I going with all this writing? I think you have already got it. Consciousness, in spite of the fact that we habitually give him a major role in our lives, although, it is entirely subordinated to the subconscious. It is difficult for me to define the balance between these aspects of our souls, and I don't even have such a goal. I have read somewhere that our conscious and awared actions actually take no more than 10. This, in my point of view, seems to be true. I'm not going to fool you with psychological terms and definitions, in this article I just want to give the most comprehensive and understandable answer to the question about the causes that lead to the disease, and why some people recover quickly and completely, while others are not able to recover at all, despite having the same disease. Additionally, I have been really tormented by the question why my proposed method gives different success rates for different doctors. I think I have found the answer to this question. That's what I want to tell you in this article. It does not matter if you are a doctor or the patient, and even if you will not agree completely with my conclusions, but if a part of the information will benefit you, it means that everything I have written is not for nothing. You know, I do not just start writing a new article because I have the itching in the hands. Just when you overcome a problem and find a solution, then there is a need to talk about it with those who have a similar problem, but who don't have solution. Perhaps, this is a strange desire, I quite agree with you that this is not normal, and heve you ever wondered what the medical profession in that case is a complete perversion too. What is it a profession to help people? I'm not talking about the medical business, there everything is clear, there are forging coin and follow general rules common for any business. I'm talking about our ordinary Russian doctors. Why do people go into this profession? Those who chose this profession apparently have some flaws either or oddities and features, though other proffecionals can have it as well. Let's take, for instance, a police officer, he, I suppose, some some strange reasons for that too.

Oh, yes, I got distracted from the topic. The case with the policeman who stopped me I held up as a mdel to illustrate the fact that our consciousness is not the in first row in the management of the body. Here are few brief examples to prove my words. Can you make your heart beat faster or slower if you wish? You cann't, but a dog that jumped out of a corner can so scare you that you heart will start to pounder much faster. Can you make your liver, kidneys or intestine work faster or slower ? Can you increase or reduce the production of hormones? No, we can't do such things, we can not do it consciously, but we can do everything subconsciously. There is no need to frown, I will try to use as little such terms as possible, I personally don't like any kind of educando in books, especially tips from books such as "open your subconscious and it will solve all your problems", I feel an unexplainable rejection. I think that 's bullshit, and not because it's not true but because these tips can not be applied into practice. I love to touch everything with my hands and when I get a recipe I want to start using it straight away. I don't want to turn to the infinite universe, separate myself from the body and to interpret dreams.

The most funny thing, or maybe even a sad thing, that we exist in a way when our conscious can't do any harm to its body. Our organism has, of course, the ideal programmes which it uses to operate but usually it can't realise it properly. From our birth and even before it we suffer from stresses which break these ideal programmes. Like computer viruses, stresses can change the work of "computer" programmes and in a body different symptoms occure, which actually are the reflection of failures in brain work.

You know, I have a very questionable theory that if we were teaching our children to draw and at the same time didn't explain the parts of the body, they would draw the world like they see it themselves. Such pictures would be close to reality rather than pictures the parents taught about. This all thumbs child would draw genial picture that would be prints of reality, which our brain unaware of stereotypes gives. Of course, it would happen only under the condition that he has a desire to draw and isn't afraid of being prisoned. Fortunately, children don't have it that's why it is easier for them to live, until some time.

I am trying to do as a child who can not paint when I am looking for answers to questions that already have answers from our traditional medicine for a long time. I know I can hear a question from you: "Why?" I just do not believe those answers, that's all. They include too many contradictions and things to discuss. In contrast to a child who does not know how to draw the "right" pictures, and I know the fundamental knowledge which is necessary to have when you are putting forward a new theory. " All diseases are from the nerves." Well, who does not know this popular proverb ? When we say nerves, we do't talk aboul white wires in the organism, we are talking about our negative emotions with their variety. Everyone knows that wisdom and who uses it? And why new ilnesses occure after the problems with nerves? When we find an answer to this question a new clear to answer even more important question. How can we not cure but eleminate those diseasesthat occured because of the stress.

I suppose that our bodies were not created as perfect ones. There are many flaws and all sorts of "errors ", but we aren't talking about small unimportant things. Someone or something who created us, probably to protect our species as a whole provided us with a kind of program, and this program exists in every brain. At first glance, it is a strange and malicious but it is if we track the fate of the individual. If you look at the fate of the human species, it seems to be very useful, it is a pity that this programme is very tough to an individual. In addition, we know that each of us carries this bomb, they suspect something, of course, but when we become suspicious it is usually too late, then the mechanism is usually ticking quite loudly, counting time before the explosion.

What is this "program" you may ask, and what is its core? The brain has to work perfectly. And it also should control the body perfectly as well. Unfortunately, it does not happen, because his programs and structures where these programs are implemented, suffer adverse effects. These changes are caused by negative emotions. Anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, anxiety, grief, sadness, fear, and other negative emotions can cause the brain to overload, mobilizing all its reserves to overcome the real or imaginary threat from the outside. By the way, now deceased Margaret Thatcher said, " 90 of our fears do not come true" and I think you can believe this great woman, because the whole British Empire believed ( former Empire, but despite of the lack of formal subordination to her, half the world is controlled by her, even the USA can't make the step without her).

New connections are built between the neurons of the brain and also ways of conducting impulses in the brain are changing. Depending on the strength of stress, stable foci of excitation in different brain regions appear, which in addition to supporting the flow of impulses along the newly formed (not the best) ways also suppress other parts of the brain. These changes are taking place at the microscopic level, but the effects of this restruction and the structure of the brain are reflected in the body in the form of certain symptoms that are already visible to the naked eye.

Exactly this program that I mentioned earlier and reinforces these negative changes in the brain. The more a person is experiencing a negative aspiration, the more his brain changes to the side of downward of ability to regulate various body functions and adequate adaptation to the external environment. Moreover, anger, fear and all the other things always have a destination and the purpose of these emotions is the desire to influence on that person in order to become acting profitable to jealous or coward manner. By and large, all of these emotions are intended to deprive another person of his freedom. So, perhaps, evolution, or the Creator made sure that the person explicitly or secretly (even to myself ) who wants to harm another, in order to subject it to his will primarily hurt himself first. So I went crazy, you might say. Absolutely crazy or something, but what about the sadness over the death of loved ones? Sure, it may sound cynical, but with losing a close and loved one, we lose some if not tangible, but the benefits that have been associated with him or her. There is a traditional cry which women usually use when they are at the funeral "Who did you leave us with!" These words are not just talking about the fact that man has brought many benefits to deceased loved ones, but also indirectly, that relatives will have to look for a substitute of that person, but they still do not know who they are going to look for.

An essential condition for the appearance of a disease is the presence in the past, present, or future significant stressful situation for an individual. No matter how others perceive this event but the most incredible and bizarre thing is that the very sick person may not attach much importance to this event and don't associate it with the beginning of the disease. Whatever it was, and no matter how we treated it, but the brain diligently " works out " the situation, and as I said before, it brings to the side of worsening relatively to the ideal program of regulation.

So it means that any trouble moves us away from being healthy. Yes, I forgot to mention the most paradoxical, or i can describe it as a ridiculous cause of the disease, where we are totally defenseless, I mean the brain response to the dream. The most annoying thing that we often do not remember them at all or remember it vaguely or even only episodes, but at the moment of " scrolling " all kinds of real or fantastic events in the brain during the sleep, the brain reacts to them in the same way as in real life and the responses of the body systems are the same as for the immediate, real dangers. It is very easy to get a " bullet " in the abdomen or heart during sleep, if you " loaded " into the brain enough experience during the day. Again, this situation is the most dangerous, because alternatively to the awake state, during dream you can't call for help, or to analyze a situation, or to take a pill, or call the emergency. With this feature of our brain which is connected with the fact that heart attacks and strokes occur most frequently at night, in a dream.

Stress is like a snake that is getting out from under a log, which we sat down on to enjoy the sun and relax. It bites us in the most seemingly inopportune moment, but it just seems so. We call ourselves "shaking" of the logs where this snake is coming from. And do not think that it comes by accident, everything is not accidental. Why this police officer was sniffing me? He was "sniffing" because he knows that on 9th May Russian usually drink vodka, so his commanders ordered to catch the " drunk " drivers. Although you must agree because it's unfair to attack your own kind, okay I did not drink vodka on this holiday, but I have another question, why did he sniff me, if he drank vodka himself?

By the way, speaking about police officers. I have not seen any of my acquaintances who would have approved this title. " Policeman", do we live in germany or the USA? Why this name? I understand that in Russia we were police officers and policemen, but those days are long gone, and now after the Great Patriotic War, these names are associated with the occupation forces, the Germans and their collaborators, why did we give such names to these services? I do not understand, and I resent it, because I have two grandfather who fought in that war.

We are Russians, we live in our country, even condemned by everybody, but our country is not worse than the others, and in many ways even better, we have faith in ourselves, we are the most rebellious people we have given the world 's top scientists in the field of physics and medicine, so why should we be afraid?

It doesn't matter what is our nationality: Tatars, Bashkirs, Jews, Poles, Evenki, Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, and many other nations, but we love this place called RUSSIA, we live here, raise our children. We are looking for justice and order, but not for the German order and not to the "Stalin's" one, but to ours. I do not know what you think, but I want an order in my family, peace of mind and peace in my heart.

My friends, on the site I posted an article entitled " Appeal to the doctors, the method of RANC». For some reason only few people answered, however, those who responded were not disappointed. Once again, I appeal to you, the doctors and medical assistants, and nurses, respond, please.


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