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09 2013
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

My friends, I think there is no point to argue figuring out who owns the priority to make injections into trapezius muscles, because they have been done to many different places. It's not so important, it is inportant to change the theoretical approach to the issues of causes, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and, in particular, of Parkinson's disease. Theory RANC ( Recovery of activity of the nerve centers) is based on the Academician RAMS Anokhin's theory about "The background activity of the nerve centers", and this theory, as well as a "nervism theory" created by Sechenov or the theory of stress by Selye, no one questiones. In my opinion, it is the reason whu the method of RANC is gaining more and more supporters, and it doesn't matter how people, who use it, call it.

So, for example a doctor, from Tbilisi, who applies it for over a year, called it “Restart” for the patients' convenience. The " Theory of pathological reflex" that I have put forward, in my opinion, explains the cause of diseases, though the only one question remains open, why the stimulation of the reticular formation is liquidates only pathological reflexes, and useful skills, which are formed on the same principles, are not affected. Objectal difficulties, that are associated with the lack of time for contacting the doctors who are going in this direction, are, in my opinion, temporary. Not everyody is ready to declare openly that they have sufficient experience in this field.

Despite the fact that geography of this method is quite extensive, it is used not only by doctors, but also by patients who are acquainted with it in practice. Regarding to the post about the extreme danger of my method, which periodically appear on the forums, I can't say anything except that it is not true. In the nearest future I will publish an article about this topic, where I will try to analyze the reasons which lead to the appearance of such messages. Method RANC, with all its effectiveness in comparison with the nowadays approaches, of course can not be considered as a panacea, but its obvious and undeniable advantages everyone, who met it in practice, can appreciate. In the end I want to add that with the right selection of patients who need this method, tonly small problems can occure, for example a lack of effect after a procedure or a temporary worsening of existing symptoms, which doesn't often happen. I do not exclude that somebody would argue with me even at this point, but I just want to say that there waren't any patients irreversibly affected by the application of this therapeutic method. It's very sad to realize that it takes different time to help people with a similar diagnosis. The desire to finally change the existing order of things doesn't have any rational basis, apart from the odd desire for a certain ideal. And why not? No matter that our ideal is irrational, because we strive for beauty, though it is impossible to explain why. Who knows what beauty is, we somehow subconsciously know it, which is probably why there is nothing surprising in the fact that now many people in different cities and countries really fascinated by the idea to live without the disease, moreover everyone can do it to others, not only to themselves. However, like everything else in our world, this idea has another side of the coin. What do I mean by this, does this really sensible and useful venture have negative consequences? Yes, it does, and we have to take them into account if we do not want big problems. Nobody thinks about it so far, but the idea of free universal happiness is good, of course but we all have to change, otherwise there will be troubles.

What's the problem you may ask? Just think about it yourself, who can resist the opportunity to live many years without pain and fear to die from some terrible disease any moment? Of course noone, if there is a real prospect of that, people will do anything to have it, but you do not have to do anything, it is enoug to bear short pain and "clean" the head from garbage. One minute of severe pain and you will be clean until you again fill your brain with extra interneuron connections, which is the cause of all diseases.

No one will refuse, and exponentially increasing number of this practice supporters says about it, well, so what's the problem? The danger is that the widespread adoption of the RANC method will lead to the profound social change. I 'm not talking about the fact that the pharmaceutical industry will have to reorient their production for the new customers needs, and many departments will be closed at all, I'm talking about something else. Certainly in the first place the decline in production of the pharmaceutical industry will affect their owners and workers employed in these industries, but it is not important, the decline in the industry will take with it other segments of the economy related to pharmaceutical business. Therefore, countries with budget focused on these needs will fall into a deep crisis, from which you will need to find a way out.

Secondly, the increase in life expectancy will lead to an increase in population, even if the birth rate will remain the same. We'll have to rethink not only the pension laws, but somehow control the birth rate. It is necessary to do it and there will be problems because not everybody will agree with that and disagree not because they are evil, but because they would not believe that the coming changes are real. I don't even mention that resources are almost already gone, and when they start to disappear faster, many will decide to get rid of competitors.

And finally, the third thing, people are divided into those who are cleansed and who will not and do not want to be ill any more and to reach this state they won't do any harm, and those whi will deny the new opportunities in order not change their way of life. Second ones, being ill and not being able to get rid of illnesses, because they do not want to change, will be the first ones to hate people who decided to change.

Then the world will split up, even familes will split up. The second type of people will be taking an advantage for some time because they are evil, but after a while they will disappear in a natural manner, as their life will be much shorter and many of them will join the first camp, where people love and respect others.

All this if doesn't end with a global military conflict, it will lead to the fact that gradually new extraordinary time will come when people stop doing bad things, firstly under the threat of death from the disease, and then just out of habit, just as today we are do bad things more out of habit than from getting any benefits.

Now the spreading of this treatment method can not be stopped, too many people have adopted it and share it with close ones.

However, we should not forget that this is not just a way of "cleaning" the brain, but also it's a certain ideology, the essence of which is that if do bad things, even in our thoughts, we are killing ourselves. No matter what we think about it, it's just the fact, if you are sick, it means that you have done something or your loved ones have done something.

So don't do anything bad because "touch of evil" will be on you in the form of the disease. Therefore, the fashion to show off your heart attacks and strokes will pass soon, because no one shows off hemorrhoids and alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, and why the heart is worse than the liver?

RANC method is effective in almost all diseases that aren't irreversible yet. Let not allow this irreversibility, because in this world, as in the criminal law, you don't exempt from liability if you don't know the law. That's the law and I want to explain, but can I explain it to the "second camp"?

I can or I can not, but the process has already started and is going on, and whether I am right or wrong only time will show us. Let's just wait and see the results, I am pretty sure in one thing - the method RANC is works flawlessly and actively, and the subsequent consequences will just be my thoughts.

Although on the other hand, if I'm not mistaken in one thing, why I'm wrong in the following things?




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