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11 2014
Written by врач невролог А.А.Пономаренко

The article was published in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

RANC method - All new is well forgotten oldToday I would like to tell you about RANC method, which is, unfortunately, not so popular as it should be. Previously this method of treatment had been applied often, but under a different name, due to its another theoretical underpinning. Field of application of this treatment was very small, and finally it was forgotten.

Some pain as a way of healing

RANC is an English initial word, which means The Restoration of the Activity of Nerve Centers. You can find the details on www. nevrologica. ru. Now I will tell you about its essence.

In practice, it is a modified paravertebral blockade, which is rarely applied nowadays. There are various modifications and techniques to perform these manipulations. Briefly, its essence is an intramuscular not deep injection of solutions admixture into pain areas of the body alongside the spine, causing short local pain stimulation. After having analyzed these procedures action mechanisms, as well as Chinese acupuncture, manual therapy and various physical treatments, I came to my own proven in practice conclusions. In my opinion, the treatment effect comes not from drugs or electric current (TENS, electrophoresis), but exactly from short-local pain stimulation in moment of manipulation, because nothing at all is being introduced by acupuncture, they simply cause pain by needles. Following these considerations, I performed intramuscular injections, the so-called paravertebral "blockade", using various drugs solutions and found out, that painless solutions have no effect. Finally I turned my attention to two drugs- weak solution of analgin and weak solution of magnesium sulfate, as well as the usual water for injection. Why does it work?

Reloading of the brain

Pain - it is just a powerful stream of electrical impulses, which enters the brain through the spinal cord, when they come from the body muscles, or bypassing it, if it comes from the internal organs or from the trapezius muscle. This stream of impulses goes through the spinal cord and immediately reaches sensitive gyrus of the cerebral cortex, and if it is referred to the back, this point is a few square centimeters in the parietal region. Of course, on their way they inevitably pass through the thalamus, through the "gates of the brain" and change the functional activity of its structures in it. Signals sent from the trapezius muscles have another way, in my opinion, if we follow the logic of the anatomical structure of the brain.

Due to the fact that "the accessory nerve" managing the trapezius muscle (which hold the cervical and thoracic spine) originates from multiple "cores" in the brain stem and cervical spinal cord, we have an amazing opportunity to get directly to all parts - both subcortical and cortical brain regions. How and what are my conclusions based on? They are based on the fact that there are the cores of so-called "reticular formation" between the nuclei "accessory nerve", these formations also named “ascending activating system." It permeates all parts of the brain, both cortical and subcortical, and integrates their work. In my opinion, brain activity changes, which we can see after, occur due to this close anatomical and physiological connection.

Thus, creating a powerful stream of pulses from the muscles of the back, we "penetrate" in all parts of the brain immediately. In perspective there is still a revelation of fine mechanisms, processes occurring in the brain, especially since we have all necessary for this purpose equipment nowadays. I mean the functional imaging, as well as other equipment, which makes it possible to scan the brain in real time and monitor the upcoming changes in it. Due to the fact, that all functions and systems of the body, including the brain itself, are being controlled by the brain, then appearing of positive changes in it leads to positive changes in all systems of the body, what it is quite logical, in my opinion.

In order to help you to get more information about this method, we have created a site “RANC Association", where you can find the contacts of the doctors using RANC method in their regions.

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